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    Does anyone know hoe the BUDDERKING makes this shit/ I've never had the pleasure to smoke it and I know it has soething to do with decarboxylating the thc to turn it into delta-9-thc, but other than that I'm clueless. Anyone have any ideas?
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    I'd like to try it too, but I think we need organic chemistry help here.
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    God! Your talking about 90%+ THC more than twice as strong as the best hash in the world. It seems like it goes off the pricinicpals of polar and non polar solvents to remove the plant material from the thc. The problem is getting the right solvents to completly remove the plants while not bonding to whatever its desolved in so that it can evaporate and only leave the good stuff. The budder king keeps his reciped and method secret just for that reason and to grant exclusivity to his product. Has anyone on canna.com ever sampled the budder? I sure havn't but would like to just for the experience.
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    Buddua is good but if dont bubble it aint worth the trouble. Heres some info on budda and what you need is a honey bee extractor and its not rocket science its a hash extraction method and its not the purrest or the best hash but its not the worst by far in fact next to bubble hash budda is probly da best.

    Honey oil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Honey oil made easy
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    honey oil and budder are two VERY different things
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    Well... i did read and it seems budder is just whipped honey oil...
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    (Budder is made by whipping in air and freezing isomerizied hash oil. Isomerization is an additional chemical step that converts the delta 9-thc to delta 6-thc activating a lot of the normally non-active cannabinoids.)

    I found this in another post. I knew they had to be fuckin with the molecular structure to make a product with that much THC in it.
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    Budder involves absolutely no Freezing.I don't know why everybody thinks that.Go to Youtube and look up making budder with Hashbean 420.This is the exact method used by myself.
    (I'm not sure if the Budderking does it like this,But my end product always has the same or very similar consistency,texture,taste and smell as the budderking's product.(I only use primo buds or Kif for budder)
    I'm sure the end product that I make hits at least 75% THC.
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    yeah its the same thing........this is one of the oldest methods of hash extraction. It is a chemical extraction, they used to use alchohols but now buttan is the prefered method cause it evaporates very quickly.

    It makes a very pur hash when done right, personlay I like Bubble better, but I will never turn down some Butta. It is realy hard to get good hash because it takes alot of time and care to make. (if your in a place where the grower ratio is up I find good hash ratio goes up) And sometimes your just destorying good buds to make butta. I have never seen anyone use the bud after they buttan it in a honey bee. In theroy you could water cure the shake and resmoke it but I have never seen it done.

    and thats not entirerly true what do you think is going inside a butan honey bee extractor. buttan as a gas is some what cold, and this aids in the quick extraction
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    I am not sure that they are fuking with the chemical structure of thc. What is going on is a very efficiant collection of the trichomes from the buds. where most hashishes are black and tan or brownish, some are green. Obviously the green is the cheaper version. And the best are a golden transparent honey color. What is happenning Is the green hash has more plant matter in it and the Honey stuff has close to none. The black hash is usualy good as is the brown, and they usualy have little plant matter in it if any. Color indicates plant and style of extraction.

    Regular buds have a 20-30% THC max cause their is lots of plant matter in the mix. Hash is more pure and higher in THC because it has just the Tricomes (Trichomes have as much thc as that plant can yeld some close to 100%). The extraction varys as well as plant trichom potency and plant tricome volume. This why bubble and buttan hash are the prefered extraction methods, because their is more control givving you a better hash.
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    Sorry for the tripple post

    But I think it is pronounced BUT-TAH not butter

    Butter is cannabis butter

    Buttah is a type of hash, a very good type of hash.

    I have herd it budtah, buddah(Thats the way I usualy hear it and say it)
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  14. Its budder man.
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    Going to youtube right now to check that out awesome:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

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