buddhism and weed

Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by andymac, Jul 16, 2004.

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  1. andymac

    andymac Registered

    hi there

    im just starting to 'dabble' in weed and stuff, and was wondering,
    is it wrong to smoke weed if you are a buddhist?
    i'm the son of 2 catholic parents, but im a buddhist (dont ask long story lol)

    so if there any buddhist stoners here, :p

    and if ive caused offense to anyone atall by linking buddhism with weed im sorry, just wondering if i should continue :)

  2. HvyFuel

    HvyFuel Registered+

  3. andymac

    andymac Registered

    thanks man, that helps alot :D

    so, looks like all go :D. good news for me :)

    thanks again

  4. KillaBuzz

    KillaBuzz Registered+

    yeah yer good 2 go :cool:
  5. joker121

    joker121 Registered+

    I used to be Buddhist, and still subscribe to many of its principles, much to the dismay of my Catholic parents.
    As I remeber in the eightfold path, their is something about not smoking, that's part of the reason I kicked Buddhism.
  6. DXeM

    DXeM Registered

    Correct... I thought about Buddhism as a place to rest my faith, but in Buddhism your body is regarded as a temple. Drugs are against the religion.
  7. Wheemer

    Wheemer Registered+

    It was my understanding that aslong as the substance doesn't distort your connection with peace, it was ok in budhism. I could be way off base. I think if you are using marijuana as a sacriment, or a tool in your ultimate pursuit of being one with budha, it should be ok.

    I use it quite often while meditating. It is a great help to relax the mind.

    And as for catholic religion, or any religion based on Jesus' teachings; It is said that jesus breathed in smoke from burning holy oil. It is said that cannabis was one of the main ingredients of that oil. It is said that jesus would gain great wisdom and sometime see god while under the influence of it.
  8. HvyFuel

    HvyFuel Registered+

    He mainly used a very potent annointing oil although the practice of laying cannabis buds on hot coals predates Jesus' times so it is quite possibly even He inhaled.

    peace ;)
  9. buddha

    buddha Registered+

    Buddhism is all about your body they may have used to smoke or used marijuana for rituals way back but now that they know it harms your body it would deffinetly have changed to somthing they do not accept. All religons have their extremes though and the more laid back sides. i suggest dont spend time trying to do what other people did or what they want you to do just do what makes you happy.
  10. Encatuse

    Encatuse Registered

    You aren't required to live by the standards someone else gives you. ((That is unless you require yourself to)) Take the principles, ideas, etc., that you like from buddhism and just practice those.
  11. InhaleItALL

    InhaleItALL Registered+

    I am a Buddhist as well... weed has given me some pretty powerful visions in my meditation. I think technically according to strict buddhist doctrines it should not be used, but my belief is that just like everything else.. in moderation it is ok. As long as you are not using weed to hide the truth, but using it to explore the truth you will be fine. There is no wrong path.
  12. econoshamanic

    econoshamanic Registered

    I think in the final analysis, the question of the compatibility of grass with Buddhism is a personal one. We each know, in our heart of hearts, whether what we are doing is true to our path or not. The answer differs from person to person.

    That said, my (limited) understanding of the eightfold path, is that it prohibits intoxication. Buddhist scholars have disagreed as to the meaning of this word and whether it applies to all uses of cannabis (or other entheogens).

    I refer those interested in this issue to the book Zig Zag Zen, an excellent collection about Buddhism and entheogens.
  13. BradPitt

    BradPitt Registered+

  14. socks

    socks Registered+

    The guidlines Buddhism presents you with are exactly that, "guidelines". They are there to give u a basis for the most fulfilling, happy and healthy life you can lead and not too diminish ones freedom or choices in life. Buddhism is essentially a philosophy not a religion, there are no rules. Therefore you can make ur own decision about smoking mj based upon Buddhisms guidelines and ur own well being.
  15. sugarmagnolia

    sugarmagnolia Registered+

    from an outsiders point of view (which I am since I do not interest myself in Buddhism) u all seem like u are trying to convince urself that Cannabis is accepted in Buddhism. I will not judge whether it is or not, but if u say what is really said in ur posts it is "well I like marijuana so I'm gonna only look at the evidence that might lead to buddhism accepting cannabis." Now don't quote me on that please because I know htat some people did note the eightfold path.

    I know a pretty devout buddhist who wakes up every morning at 6 to meditate for an hour, and he smokes weed and grew it so I know there are definitely devout buddhists who do so. But u guys shouldn't care whether a religion accepts what u do, because if u do only but what a religion says u kill what u are and become a clone of what society wants.
  16. Nullific

    Nullific Banned

    Buddhism wasnt meant to be a collection of strict rules for mind-control like many organized religions.

    Its not all about body, some Buddhists may practice things like yoga as a way to shape both their body and mind, others practice methods of meditation, some use drugs, the minority of buddhists worship any sort of god. Cannabis is one of the safest substances known to man, there are no records of death caused by marijuana in the thousands of years it has been used. They havn't even been able to give any real evidence suggesting use of cannabis leads to lung or brain damage.

    The five precepts of Buddhism are:
    There are many Buddhist who use a wide range of drugs for mind expansion and as part of their lifestyle.
  17. larry

    larry Banned

    I know buddhism is against it
    but you can still be buddhist,
    just make efforts at trying to reduce your addiction.
    I dont think it is as bad as alcohol or cocaine.
    But buddhism is against all addictions.
  18. duppy man

    duppy man Registered+

    try converting to Rastafarian where it is without doubt 100% within that faith to smoke weed. ;)
  19. larry

    larry Banned

    I would rather not smoke weed

    If it wasn't so fuckin good
  20. InhaleItALL

    InhaleItALL Registered+

    using does not = addict
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