buds aren't getting dense at all?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by cannakidd, Apr 23, 2016.

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    It looks still early for them, still quite a bit of time to fatten up. If you have more light it'll help right now.
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  3. cannakidd

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    alright sounds good, thanks for the response:) Imy using cfls, but I could probably throw in a couple more.
  4. A Gilmore

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    What strain is it?
  5. gardenermendo

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    Heck, you have no orange hairs. You have a plant just getting into full bloom! Let her bloom! Most of the dense bud is formed in the last two weeks, and you can enhance this period by providing correct bloom nutrients... now! Use nutrients intended for growing cannabis, and follow directions on bottle. Done right, you can give continually. Different varieties have different bloom lengths, some are as short as 57 days, some go as long as 72/75 days.

    Best advice we can give you... give her as strong as light as you can afford, and use bloom nutrients regularly!
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  6. sorine60

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    well did they fatten up some
  7. Weedywonka

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    How hot is your grow room? Ventilation? Humidity? What type and wattage lights?

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