Buds turning brown during Drying. Help.

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by sasharose, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. sasharose

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    Please. Somebody. I can't figure this one out.

    It is my crop of white widows that are 11th weeks into flowering. I was so happy two days ago when it came time to harvest. After flushing for a few days, I started snipping away and I hung them in my dark closet to start drying. and thats when it started to happen...

    I notice one of the colas shrinking and turning brown in the past three days. A few others began to follow. There is no sweet odor of marijuana, instead it smelled like...well, dried grass. literally. Now the conditions of the drying process? well it there was no light. during the night it drop to 55 degrees. humidity was at at 45%. I was starting to think it was the temp so I moved the buds to the oven (there it stayed at a good 80 degrees) The aroma began to seep everywhere. I was happy thinking that I resolved it. But when I checked on it at the end of the day, the shrinking and browning continued now with ALL the buds. I am thinking I am drying wrong. But I don't know what I'm doing wrong. there's no light. It's the proper temp. and its low humidity...its in an oven!!!

    So I'm thinking maybe its Bud Rot. But it then again, there would be signs before harvest. it was nice and pretty before and only started to decline after harvest! I am very sad. my whole harvest gone to waste. I would like to think that the learning experience is worth its value, but I don't even know what the issue is!!

    So please, Anyone...can you help me figure this out?! So that I can stop crying myself to sleep?

    Take a look. The first two is Before I Harvest. They look okay.
    The second two are after taken two days into drying. They look like little brown shit turds. WHY?

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  2. jamessr

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    It looks like mexi weed to me, not what your saying it is.:(

    Did you use miracle grow by chance?
  3. SinCityPima

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    hey hey hey dont try and blame this on MG. haha there have been many successful grows with that crap. hell im using it and my plants are fine. beautiful and bushy.
  4. jamessr

    jamessr Registered+

    Sorry you got pissed but, it happens sometimes with MG. Experiances in life lead too these questions, and conclusions. It is what it is....ya got any other suggestions of wtf? is going on here?

    I have seen this exact issue before, 1) mexi weed 2) MG....3) oven was on while drying.lol,lol,lol....I noticed in this post the oven was on was not mentioned...so the only conclusion was the 2 I posted.:jointsmile:

    Notice also I didn't say the plants looked like some MG shit crap, the plants look awesome, it's how it ended up is the issue here.

    MG grows bomb ass big pretty plants without a doubt......no arguements there at all.:)
  5. bigtopsfinn

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  6. sasharose

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    But why does it look like a brown turd. Like what everyone is saying, 'mexi weed.' which I dont think it is because they are beauitful when they where growing.

    No I didnt use miracle grow.
    I was using supernatural bloom aqua
    and supernatural bloom maximizer.

    Note that it started to turn to this brown turd before I put it in the oven. thats why I put it in the oven.

    I have one more plant left. I am afraid to harvest it now. because I am afraid that I am doing something wrong. how could it be so hard. NO light. keep temps around 85. and humidity below 50. this is very discouraging.

    Could it be bud rot?
  7. WashougalWonder

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    Looks like White Widow to me. When I cure WW, it smells like hay for about a month. The smell comes later and is almost ammonia like.

    That looks like a very tasty bud, you don't have any issue at all there.
  8. sasharose

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    I've never seen WW buds like this though. I do I know if its bud rot? it is possible I have that because I had spider mites and I would spray the buds with water quite frequently. big grounds for bud rot...But why is it then that the bud starts shrinking and turning shit brown only when it is cut. literally over night.
  9. sasharose

    sasharose Registered

    here is another pic of a bud. that I have still yet to harvest. that is growing in the same room as the rest. Does this look like bud rot? I was thinking that it was lamp burn.

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  10. jakester

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    Your plants look a bit singed. I wouldn't worry about the buds now, it's too late to do anything about it. Get the tops of your plants greener and happier looking and just let time take care of the harvested buds. I bet after a couple weeks in jars you will forget what the problem even was.
  11. Faddenator

    Faddenator Registered+

    I wouldnt trash those pretty nugs either, They look delicious.

    First time I harvested I was worried I didn't flush right because the because the bud smelled like crap... but a good amount of curing took care of it.

    If your sure its a problem though, try taking higher res close-ups of the problem areas under a whiter light... I can't speak for everyone else but based on your pictures I can't see any brown shitty spots anywhere.
  12. Faddenator

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    Took another look at that close up... I don't know what the brown is, but any idea what all that white shit is?
  13. WashougalWonder

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    That almost looks like the plant got fertilized.
  14. Faddenator

    Faddenator Registered+

    I don't know if that was sarcastic or not, but I don't throw white shit on my plants when I fertilize, so it looks odd to me.
  15. Charbud

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    WHY THE OVEN !!!!!!! hahaaaaaaaaaaa

    Should have left it some where around 19c. Drys really slow and tastes delicious ! If i were you i'd either make it into hashish or make it into some space cakes.

  16. jamar001

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    send them for diagnosis

    If anyone has a problem with their dry finished buds send them to me for a personal assesment.
  17. teamgilly

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    i am haveing the same problem with my white widow buds, they end up brown or dark green instead of a nice light green color. i am thinkin it is the way i am drying. i am looking for some insight if anyone has any
  18. irydyum

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    Here's a pic of what my GHS WW looked like after it was cured. I agree with the others when they say don't be discouraged. I remember my widow taking a little longer than some when it came to the curing process. It was much better after it was jarred for 2 months than it was early on.

    That last picture, something looks suspicious. Can you get a pic with flash right before lights on, or under white light? It kinda looks burned, possibly rotted, though most of the rot I have seen looks more black than brown.

    A rotted bud will literally crumble to dust with just a tiny amount of pressure, and don't forget it works from the inside out so once you see it on the outside, it's pretty well progressed.

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  19. sunbiz1

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    You did something wrong with these during flowering stages etc. Your pics show either too much applied H20 or improper temps prior to harvest IMHO.
  20. sunbiz1

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    OVEN?=why did I even respond to this thread...ROFL!

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