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  1. Psychonaut28

    Psychonaut28 Registered+

    Hello all, I see Soma recommends using Budswell (so it must be good). Has/is anyone using Budswell? I got some coming and would like to try it if i keep hearing good things about it. Thanxx!! peace.
  2. GrowinGreen23

    GrowinGreen23 Registered+

    what is Soma? and how do they reccoment using it?

  3. Psychonaut28

    Psychonaut28 Registered+

    Soma, proprietor of Soma Seeds. He recommends it. Iwas wondering if anyone here got any positive results using it.
  4. Shallow Hal

    Shallow Hal Registered+

    i actually have a friend who is a friend of soma so i must get him to give him a call.
  5. postmandave

    postmandave Registered+

    i have a good freind in the dam who swears by this.he only has good things to say about it .budwell gets my thumbs up.the postman.
  6. Jdog7000

    Jdog7000 Registered+

    I use it along with Pure Blend Pro Bloom for soil and superthrive.
    It is really nice.
    Soma recomends using Sea Bird and Bat Guano during flowering to get the best flavor.
    Budswel is exactly that.
    It smells like raw sewage!And it has chunks of shit in it.
    Plus for the quality. It isn't that expensive.
    The Big Bloom is almost double the price.
    It certainly adds flavor to the buds. And makes them as fat as they can be.
  7. Pepper

    Pepper Registered+

    I've used pure blend pro and budswel(the dry stuff). There was no strong smell using the dry version. I used it both in soil and hydro with great results. I just added the budswel according to directions.
  8. Jdog7000

    Jdog7000 Registered+

    I use the wet Budswel.
    I like that raw sewage smell. Thats how I know it's working!
  9. Pepper

    Pepper Registered+

    I'm a cheapskate and the dry stuff was cheaper. It's the same stuff, I think. I know it's working when the plants start getting stinky.:thumbsup:
  10. Jdog7000

    Jdog7000 Registered+

    Mine crystaled up in the first 2 weeks of flowering too.
    It is the same. Mine is probably a little better.

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