Buffalo, NY - Where its always snowing :)

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    :dance: Hey peeps :)

    just thought id introduce myself. I have been reading over the forums for a little while and found it interesting so I decided to register :).

    Well here in Buffalo, NY there are 3 types of bud

    Commercial - Basically Arizona and Mexican/Jamaican Brick weed, darker green, some seeds, heavy sativa/stoney high, lots of munchies and sleep.

    Beasters - Fast growing indica strains, harvested and cured improperly - most "hydro" that you see is BC bud.... Or canada's commercial exported bud... This stuff has a great high, but usually has compression, and is still quite moist when you get it....

    And the AAA's, or what others may consider medicinal bud... These are also from canada but have no compression, the buds are fluffy, heavily crystallized, and high in thc content. This is the stuff I smoke on the regular, although I will be honest I do smoke commercial buds and beasters to change things up a bit, it seems they provide a different high after ive been smoking the AAA's for awhile.

    When I say the AAA's i mean strains like Haze X skunk, Sour Diesals, Early Pearl, Blue Dot, White Widow, etc....

    Living right next to canada is a great thing, for one lots of buds... the canadians are true conniseurs of buds :) and we americans thank you :)
    they have fully nude strip clubs here in NY well we have no fully nude clubs.

    Ok im rambling... but basically if i can help anyone out with anything, im a avid mycologist (mushroom grower), I love performing extractions on an assortment of natural forms containing drugs :) I love LSD, ummm what else can i tell you guys lol...

    Ok bye for now


  2. hank

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    nothing but dirt, skunk

    recently some good bud came from south jersey, called G13

    prices are high here because the laws are real harsh here

    best regards
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    hey im from b-low. great place. there hasn't really been much snow yet, at least not like what they got south of buffalo. you say you grow shrooms, i love shrooms. if you live in north buffalo we could probably hang out some time. see you on the forums.peace
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    Mellowman, where u live man in buffalo? I live in tonawanda, send me an email at Thebattousai818@adelphia.net or XXwizzard818XX is my AIM.

  5. naturesway

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    Hey deuces was fun hanging out yesterday.. glad u enjoyed the smoke :)

    Im in north buffalo too mellowman

    give me a IM at playthebench on AIM

    Im one of the only providers in western NY to never be dry offering top quality smoke , what would be considered medicinal, offering delivery to the WNY are and mailorder for the rest of the folks in the USA... A few people on here have met me in person, and have ordered from me if you need references :)

    later folks
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  7. naturesway

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    u have mail dood...

    hope it was informative

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    It's snowing here to
  9. kenbev40

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    Hey indi do you have msn messager or yahoo
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    Yea he's a good supplier man, total legit. Lives in my town, smoked with him the other day. Reccomend the Blue Haze.


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    thank you for your kind comment

    since theres no price posting here i guess im forced to say


    Prices are dropped for the first 75 orders with the code: FOSHIZZLE......

    The blue haze is the shit fo shizzle :) When smoking the Hizzle To The Dizzle make sure that you also include some of naturesway White Russian in your bizzle aswell.

    LOL for real folks, no scams here, naturesway@hush.com

    God helps those who help themselves... im just gonna keep it real with you folks... the price is way beyond fair, the delivery is FASSSSST, and the quality of what you get is AWESOME, medicinal grade to say the least. No compression, ships from in the states, trojan horse packaging and some free muchies...

    ummm is this becoming a big advertisement?? no not yet cause im gonna follow all this up with something interesting


    ok so you have some salvia right,, and your like man this shits good but i gotta smoke like 5 bowls worth to get the full effect.. ok maybe not five but alot to get off...

    right so man im sittin at home thinking, hey the only chemical that gets ya fed up in salvia is Salvinorin A.... if i could remove the excess gunk... and just have salvinorin left behind i could smoke a pea sized tar ball and get the full spiritual effect..

    ok so man i take my legal salvia extract and i add like a bunch of naptha to like 5 ounces of salvia extract.... i let it all disoolve in the naptha and let the fucked sit for half an hour..... i come back siphon off 1/3 of the naptha from the jar being carreful not to siphon off any of the salvinorin that has settled at the bottom of the jar.... if you look with a bright light youll see after the hal;f an hour 2 layers in the jar.... the dirty naptha above and all the salvinorin that has settled on the bottom.

    ok so like you siphon off 1/3rd of the gunk and add another 1/3 rd of naptha and let sit for another half hour...

    Repeat the above process 8 times

    ok so now you should have a very clean extract layer on the bottom of the jar of pure salvinorin a and a gunk layer on top of dirty naptha..

    so siphon all that off carefully till you get just above the salvinorin layer on the bottom.... when you get to the bottom and theres just salvinorin A left pour in some isopropyl alcohol and let sit one more half hour,

    siphon off all the alcohol on the top layer leave the salvinorin on the bottom

    pour a lil more alcohol..... it will loosen up the salvinorin from the bottom .. pour all that being careful to get it all into a shallow baking dish, pyrex preferably.... GLASS

    ok now bake the dish at 110F-120F do not go ver this...... do not let it boil!!!

    let it evaporate...

    what you will have left is a residue of salvinoria A crystals, depending on how clean your product was will depend on the color of the powder, it will be either blackish green, or near white depending on your washes...

    scrape it up... put in a glass jar for storage out of light and heat

    take a nice lil bumps work ... enough for like one or 2 big tokes off your bong.. put on top of pot or tabacco and enjoy

    WARNING this is an extremely psychadelic experience... with undertones of meetings with beings, out of body experiences, self realization and spiritual journey. This is not a party drug.... dont do it outdoors, find a nice place to sit down with plenty of friends, not too much noise..

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    Hey, I'm in Amherst. Nice to see more locals on the board. :)

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