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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by natel628, Feb 3, 2011.

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    hello, ive got a plant indoors in a closet, in soil, hps 250 watt light. it is in the process of flowering, no orange yet but pistols are large. 12/12 light. in the soil i noticed today that when i water it very tiny white bugs come up on the pools of water then dig back into the soil when the water soaks in. there are a lot. no flying ones, theyre only in the soil. what should i do to get rid of them? ive heard of neem oil but how do you use it? thanks.
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    Sounds like Fungus Gnat larvae, or springtails.
    For Fungus Gnats, water in some Gnatrol Powder, or crushed up mosquito dunks on the soil and in the reservoir. Also, you can put some slices of potato on the soil and the larvae will crawl into them. Then remove the potato.
    There are some good resources on fungus gnat control on forums around here. If they are jumpy, they are springtails and harmless to plants. Just try to keep the soil dry and avoid standing water under the plants.:jointsmile:
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    thanks so much. im trying the potato slices. they dont jump and i hardly see them unless when watering. theyre very small.

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    sounds like fungus gnats. if it is it wont be long before they fly. the larval stage stage is in the soil where they feed on roots. generally more of a nuisance and not detrimental unless unchecked.
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    Im having pretty much the same problem, ive been thinking what i had was fungas gnats but it turns out i have aphids, i know this becauae the fungas gnat larvae have black heads on them and what i have are crawling around so they cant b larvae. Also when i water my plant the same thing happends they all start freaking out and crawling to the top of the soil then dig back down. I just checked the aphids forum out and it was very help full to me and im gonna get some neem oil pyrethrum n botanigard. Some good shit. Best of luck to ya

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