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Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by aonymity, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. aonymity

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    hey guys i got a small studio appartment kinda thing at my house and my parents are gonna pay for the build. i was wondering what kind of area i should build in there as a "closet" its gonna be what they think is my closet but its gonna be somewhere around a 5x7.5 foot room, for growing. howmany fully grown plants could i realistically fit in there with good vent and space to move .
  2. Abattoir Dream

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    15 would do fine i guess, but however many you can, fuckit, just pack it full hahaha...
  3. t3chyo

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    realistically how many? I believe you take L x W = area which is 37.5 square feet, now take the largest sized pot you plan on using for each plant to finish up in and you'll get a good idea. I would say about 30 plants if I didnt mess up...
  4. rottenPauL

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    take some mother plants fisrt. Put about 30 seeds, choose the best mothers, clone them an use the whole place for sog. That way u gonna harvest every less than a month if u do it right

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