Building A Perfect Grow Shed???

Discussion in 'Growroom Setup' started by kwiat21, May 14, 2006.

  1. kwiat21

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    After debating where to start growing...I decided to tear down my old two sheds...and build a new shed..any suggestions on what the best route is...type of shed...or maybe a greenhouse? ..have about 10x10 to work wit
  2. just me

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    I've been thinking about the idea of builing in a shed or greenhouse recently. I like the idea of having sun come in the green house in the day and grow lights on at night. For the shed if I was doing it i'd probably use sheets of wood (maybe 11 inch tall or however deep you want the soil to be) and screw them to the bottom of the sheds wooden frame then lay strong plastic inside then fill it up with soil. The shed could even be divided up into two rooms to veg plants and flower them. I'd have my 600w and 400 watt lights (That's all I have) hanging in there and the ballasts standing on shelfs so the electrics don't get water splashed. I'd cover the shed in plastic sheet on the inside so everythings sealed to stop unwanted smells from getting out. Mylar could cover the walls. A carbon filter and fan could be fitted to the side to stop smells being blown outside and another fan on the other side to blow cool air in. I'd put strips of rubber or something around the door(s) to seal it. The green house could have a cold air inlet and carbon filter too if there are neighbours nearby.
  3. just me

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    Ok you get the idea of my thoughts but that's probably not exactly how i'd build it.
  4. Trivium

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    hey just_me.

    Glad to see we have some artistic things going on here. The idea of the rubber strips around the seals of the door and cracks is a great one.
    How many plants do you plan on growing??

    Since your going custom, why dont you try and build a couple of clone shelves:)

    You could put one on each side of the green house using fluorencet lights to keep clones while you grow your others. Along come flower you got a problem, but Im sure your artistic peronsality will be able to 'seal' the clones from light leak. (Possibly a door)

    Ohhhh this is getting exciting, more info please!!
  5. just me

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    Thanks for your possitive reply Trivium.
    Those were ideas from my mind as if I was going to build a grow shed and put it into practice. I feel slightly unsure about posting whether i'm growing or not since i'm not completly sure how the law stands if I say that a grow is taking place. There are things that could be added to make it better but money is a limiting factor i'm affraid so i'd just be dreaming to say about adding much more to it than what would possibly help or just make for a better growing shed.
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  6. Trivium

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    Yes money is always an issue, some people have it some dont. Its just something we all have to work with.

    So without further adue, try painting the inside of your grow shed white or cover the walls in mylar. I would stick with paint in your case because it's cheaper and reflects almost as well.

    I also suggest either purchasing a sliding rail for your light ballast or building one. There's many things you can do with minimum ammount of things to improove your room, you just need to be artistic :)
  7. krustythfreakinclown

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    Would building your own greenhouse with 2x4's and thick plastic sheeting work? You could whitewash the sides so people can't see what you're growing.

    There should be some DIY plans for greenhouses around. Here's a site to give you an idea:

    Good luck!

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