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  1. xcrispi

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    hey folks ,
    i'm a newcomer to your site and am curious if there are other medicinal users due to severe burns , or phantom pain due to amputations ?
    i'm in michigan and am lucky enuf to be in 1 of only 4 cities that overlooks medicinal use as long as you have a script / or letter from a dr.
    i'm an 85% 3rd. degree burn survivor , therefore the xcrispi bit , and am missing numerous fingers n toes due to my injuries from an auto related accident . kidney probs. prohibit the longterm use of script narcotics . i found that the use of m/j really helps w/ electric/shooting pain , and also phantom pain from screwy nerve endings due to amputations .
    anybody else in the same boat out there ?
    peace :thumbsup:
  2. birdgirl73

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    Oh, heaven bless your heart, Xcrispi. You had 85% coverage 3rd degree? Do you know how lucky you are to have survived that? I'm sure there've been plenty of times during that recovery you wished you hadn't, but I'm impressed you did. I'm so sorry you had to endure that agony. So sorry you faced such a tragedy.

    I apologize for answering your Q with a different topic question. But I know a little about burns as a former paramedic. Yours weren't burn ratios a lot of people recover from.

    I'm not a burn victim or an amputee. But I'm in my first year of med school now and am eager to hear if others have had success with cannabis and phantom pains/nerve pain. My guess is they have. We used weed to help my sister, who has end-stage ovarian cancer, this past summer, and it eased some nerve pain she had in her spine and head and also helped her appetite and nausea during her last rounds of chemo. That's lovely you're in a town that overlooks medicinal use. I wish more were like that.

    Take care, Xc, and welcome to the boards.
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  3. xcrispi

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    hey birdgirl73 ,
    god bless . your right 1 in 10,000 chace of making it . i'm really stubborn ppl. lol . 1 time in my life it's worked to my benefit . no regrets w/ surviving . more often i've wondered why :confused: after being in hospital for 13 mos. n seeing so many others w/ far less % rate not make it . no pity party here , no time , lifes to short . ppl. gotta adapt or become extinct . :thumbsup:
    sorry to hear about your sister , i'll say a prayer . G/B
    the ppl. in our community petitioned to have medicinal m/j put in front of our city council to vote on n they whinned it was 2 contriversial . so we got enough signatures for it to be put on the ballot to let the ppl. decide and it passed by 60% . 1 small win for the lil guy .:dance:
    peace all
    looking forward to hearing more on this subject
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  4. someuser

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    Hey man,

    Just wanted to say you have a really positive outlook and I respect that. I had a much much smalled 'incident" physically happen to me and I let it destroy 6yrs of my life. Puts things in perspective.
  5. BaknBlake

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    i know i found your thread a little late...im glad you still have a positive attitude...my cousin was in a auto accident where he was burnt over 90% of his body...he lost his dad in the fire as well...i get emotional just thinking about it...but hey man, we are lucky to be alive...if a burn is the worst thing that happens to me in my life...ill be happy...my prayers are with you..maybe we can talk on im or something of the sort... god bless

  6. oturbojoeo4o

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    my budd got clipped on the freeway when he was on his bike and he all the nerve endings were servered in his left arm, and they could only connected a few...so hes stuck with a permanent sling...he has those shooting pains everynow and then, but hes a big jokester about it all, he uses the sling to hold his beer :)

    but he does say that the shooting is relieved with a small amount of mj, he doesnt even have to be really high, in he hates the smell and doesnt like the profile people give him cuz he smokes.

    just thought id throw in my 2 cents
  7. Nochowderforyou

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    I get severe headaches from a skull fracture about 7yrs ago. I have perm. nerve damage in the side of my nose, and half of my upper lip. I got jumped by 3 people and they crushed in the right side of face. I had surgery to have it lifted out again. Since then my brain kind of got "re-wired" to say and now I got massive headaches, and my jaw tightens up. If I don't smoke for about 48hrs, it tightens up like a spring and talking/eating are out the question.

    My buddy a few years ago suffered 3rd degree burns on about 30% of his body. A butane accident, and he had skin graphs and was in hopspital for several weeks. He can't even stay in the sun for prolonged periods of time. It's harsh shit.

    Keep your head up. :thumbsup:
  8. xcrispi

    xcrispi Registered+

    yep ,
    were like vampires lol , no direct sunlight for any great period of time , i'm bad enuf i cant even sweat , no pores in skin so much scar tissue , have a heatstroke n shit . been 5 1/2 years now .
    likewise w/ the chin up nochowder , man is about the most vicious animal i know , ppl. treat each other cruely .
  9. Storm Crow

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    I'm a science geek.....

    OK, so i'm building myself a medical marijuana note book (over 200 pages of medical abstracts) and from ccicnewsletter (HEAVY MMJ research) I got this. I know you guys already know this from personal experience, but having it said by the medical research community is also very good. You might want to print a copy for when your state finally allows MMJ and you go in to get your recommendation.

    Effects of a Cannabinoid Agonist on Spinal Nociceptive Neurons in a Rodent Model of Neuropathic Pain

    Liu, C. and J. M. Walker (2006). J Neurophysiol, Aug 30.

    The effects of the synthetic cannabinoid WIN 55,212-2 on heat-evoked firing of spinal wide dynamic range (WDR) neurons were examined in a rodent model of neuropathic pain. Fifty-eight WDR neurons (1 cell/animal) were recorded from the ipsilateral spinal dorsal horns of rats with chronic constriction injury (CCI) and sham-operated controls. Relative to sham-operated controls, neurons recorded in CCI rats showed elevations in spontaneous firing, noxious heat-evoked responses, and after discharge firing as well as increases in receptive field size. WIN 55,212-2 (0.0625 mg/kg, 0.125 mg/kg, 0.25 mg/kg, i.v.) dose-dependently suppressed heat-evoked activity and decreased the receptive field areas of dorsal horn WDR neurons in both nerve injured and control rats with a greater inhibition in CCI rats. At the dose of 0.125 mg/kg, i.v., WIN 55,212-2 reversed the hyperalgesia produced by nerve injury. The effect of i.v. administration of WIN 55,212-2 appears to be centrally mediated because administration of the drug directly to the ligated nerve did not suppress the heat-evoked neuronal activity in CCI rats. Pretreatment with the cannabinoid CB1 receptor antagonists SR141716A or AM251, but not the CB2 antagonist SR144528, blocked the effects. These results provide a neural basis for reports of potent suppression by cannabinoids of the abnormal sensory responses that result from nerve injury.


    My nerve problems stem from a childhood head injury- kid tried to kill me with a hammer. Ended up with migraines and cluster headaches, a large, sometimes painful, scar in my scalp and a half dozen dents in my skull. Cannabis keeps the headaches away. I've been using it for 40 years. I'm "California legal". I can't even imagine what it would be like to have my scar all over my body. Even thinking about it makes me shudder! I wish you all the best of luck in life- it seems to me you've had your lifetime's worth of bad luck already.
  10. birdgirl73

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    Storm Crow, I love it that you're compiling that notebook. Think there'll ever be a place online where that sort of thing might be amassed in a single place, or are NORML's links the closest we have to that now?

    Besides having all the info in one place, what do you plan to do with the compiled information? I ask because I think you would make a very good lobbyist on behalf of medical MJ for states where that's not yet been allowed.

    I also want to ask you this. As research goes, my impression has been that there's far too little of it going on in the U.S. And the more I think about this, the more I feel completely certain that Big Pharma will work very hard to block advancements in this area. What do you believe are the most viable options toward getting more research and more respect for the healing potential of cannabis/cannabinoids? I somehow want more organized effort, yet as a pipsqueak first year med student, I don't really know where to begin. But I want to do something somehow to help. I always enjoy reading what you have to say, and you're like me in that you rarely are without strong opinions.
  11. xcrispi

    xcrispi Registered+

    hey storm crow ,
    i wish there were more ppl. like yourself compiling scientific proof that cannabis does indeed work for pain management . w/o it i'd still be eating 2400 mg. of neurotin , 60 mg. of oxycottin/ms cottin , n 15 mg of ativan everyday and after 5 yrs. of it , most likely be on kidney dialisys due to all the f/u script narcs. destroying my kidneys .
    i was working on a girls car ,replacing an elect. fuelpump , when the entire garage ignited from static elect. and not enuf ventalation . despite being 90% 3rd. degree i covered my face n crossed my legs .lol . never know i was burned to see me from the neck up . prob. why i'm so far along w/ such a poss. outlook on life still .
    most of my pain is electric , like jolts down limbs to wherever nerve endings happened to grow to after the amputation of toes n fingers due to bone infection . really good smoke does wonders . got some cottoncandy x nycd right now n works great .
    god bless n help us keep fighting the fight .
  12. ToDrunkToFish

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    Hey man where at in michigan you at? Im there too, if your close enough ill smoke ya down =). Canton Area.
  13. xcrispi

    xcrispi Registered+

    hey todrunktofish ,
    appreciate the offer bro . between wrk , drs. appts , n life i dont get out much . used to have a g/f by canton corners lol . im at 8mile n woodward .
  14. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    Yes, I agree. You know humans are the only species in the world that kill/harm their own kind just for fun? No other species hurts one another for no reason, survival yes, but not like humans do.

    We are a brute race.

    Good luck to you. :smokin:
  15. ToDrunkToFish

    ToDrunkToFish Registered+

    Cool I know where you live sorta, almost direct west of me 20 min trip =).
  16. xcrispi

    xcrispi Registered+

    hey todrunktofish ,
    i'm 20 min. n/e of you . you happen to know a dude named robert olenick in canton ? skinhead , bald guy . bout my age like 36-37 now popeye tatoo , lived in a trailer park near you . a partydog too . lol .:Rasta:
  17. Storm Crow

    Storm Crow Registered+

    About that note book.........

    Hi Bird Girl and friends, I am SLOWLY working on a listing of the URL sites of my notebook. I'm sorting them by catagories- cancer, ms, neuroregeneration, etc. I plan to eventually spread it all over the net via sites like this- I expect it will become a medical sticky. Unfortunately, I just don't have a lot of time lately. I work in Special Education as a substutute Teacher's Aide and there is a flu going around, so I've worked the last 8 days and there's more to come and the work is exhausting ( jumping into another aide's class- not knowing the routine or the kids, is tough) ! Plus, I'm helping a friend with a MMJ + CPS custody case- they lost, so now we are in appeal mode. It's a mess. They are getting a new lawyer- their present one was once a sharp lawyer but is getting senile (hmm..I should send him some Alzheimer's abstracts). And I have to have some time for me! But the note book is coming along. For those of you who are interested about making your own notebook, start with ccicnewsletter.com (heavy science), marijuana.researchtoday.net (more readable), or just do a search on cannabis abstract (and any disease) You will be amazed what you find! Hope your doctors use these sites! Our government is deliberately suppressing the news about cannabis' healing properties. Israel is doing a LOT of research. They give cannabis to soldiers who have PTSD. Articles on cannabis and blood pressure, strokes, cancer, MS, osteoporosis and more are coming out of Israel, Spain, Finland, Taiwan, virtually everywhere but the US! And for the most part, the US articles are whimpy! They always have a lame disclaimer saying not to use pot or we need a synthetic that does this and not get you high. What exactly is wrong with feeling good????? Especially if you are sick! And finally as to what to do. Make your own note book, send copies to all the doctors you know. If someone is ill, send them an abstract to educate them! I love to present my (noncannabis) doctor a pile of abstracts when I go in. LOL He semi-sympathetic- he used pot as a med student, but is scared of the feds (who isn't now-a-days?). Voting the b*astards out of office this November would also be good. And yes, I AM an opinionated old broad, and proud of it! If we don't speak out about what is right, who will? I just keep remembering the WWII poem about "they came for the Jews, and I said nothing....." All of you, get educated and speak up! :dance: If we don't, what happened in the book (or movie) "1984" will be pleasant compared to what is coming!
  18. five0addict

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    hey hows it goin, im a noob here and i can relate.
    few years ago i was camping with some buddies and we were drinking off a keg. i hate to and rarely drink, but this was one of those times. i have a benine(sp?)(means no known cause(NOT epilepsy!)) seizure condition and i didnt have my meds because i really wasnt planning on drinking and staying the night out there in bfe. i got convinced into staying and getting hammered so i figured what the hell. night goes by, gets cold, everyone slowly goes to sleep. im stuck in the cab of my truck with a shitty blanket and a sweatshirt. it was cold and uncomftorble and i really noticed it at around 6am. so theres no way i can sleep through this shit so i get up and relight the fire from the night before, start to get warm and boom next thing i know im in the back of my truck going to meet the evac helicopter. i was the only one up and i fell in the fire for who knows how long, luckly one of my freinds was half asleep in the tent and heard something, he saved my life..
    pain like only a fellow survivor can understand, i stopped describing it to people but im sure youve had a pussy burn from a lighter or something where it blistered up and hurt like hell. well double that pain and put it over half your body. its no joke. we metup with the chopper and she shot me up and i was out for 2 weeks. wake up and wow my life fucking sucks. 48% 3rd degree,52% total and all the rest of me was skin grafts, exept my right arm, i begged them not to graft off of it. fuckers still took a little square, just to piss me off im sure. that was by far the freakiest hospital visit ever. i was on over lethal ammounts of pk's and tripping balls, the shit i saw was beyond even a hardcore cid trip. drug induced reality. i was still asking for more drugs just to kill the pain and it this point maybe me too. my left arm was the worst, even the top burn specialist surgeon said that my arm had the worst burns hes ever seen. i told them to cut it off, it was in bad shape. all my musles were burnt, almost gone. somehow i can still use it today. damage almost looks minor now. over 1million$,year of pt/ot, 13 surguries and here i am.
    enough storytelling

    so 85%!?!
    wow, thats definetly the highest 3rd degree burn coverage ive ever heard of. your lucky!
    ive used marijuana much in my recovery, fight my depression, relive flu-like syptoms from highdose pks, and not let the crossed nerves drive me nuts.

    see ya 'round
  19. xcrispi

    xcrispi Registered+

    hey 5-0 addict , :(
    no doubt , noone on here has a clue till u been there man . hell on earth . was replacing a tank mounted fuel pump in a girls car n garage filled w/ fumes n exploded from static electricity , we think . i was lyin on a piece of shag carpet .
    they took me to local hospital n they freakd out , shot me fulla morph n shoved me off in a corner so the priest could read me my last rites man . i wasn't even a good flight risk so no copter to ann arbor burn center .
    but fool was too stubborn to die . lol .
    at 85% you have about a 1 in10,000 chance of survival . they ended up sending me to a hospital w/ a burn unit in the middle of detroit in the damn ghetto . 5 mos. self induced coma . woke up a morphine addict after 5 mos. on the drip , was in hospital a total of 16 months . too many surgeries to count ? 5 1/2 yrs. and 14 million dollars later i'm back for the attack myself , back at the dragstrip this yr. n they didn't think i'd ever get back outa the house . good to see someone else that's bounced back after a trip to hell and still be themselves .
    peace G/B
  20. five0addict

    five0addict Registered+

    wow, makes me feel like i just got a scrape on my elbow!
    reletively i was in and out, thats just hardcore!
    what dont kill me just makes me crazier, now im actually a better rider than i was before. now i feel like theres nothing that could happen to me that wouldnt hurt more than what ive felt. found my riding style is smoother when in stoned, just not on a track. :dance:
    hey did you ever get any phentnol(sp)?
    it was a sythetic opiate from what i remember, only lasts about 45-50 minutes but that stuff was awesome. guess it was really expensive and addictive. idk bout you but now i would pay to NOT take opiate pks.
    the hallucinations were a trip tho, i was looking at a cabinet with a wood grain look to it, then i start to see it move, but it didnt just move lizards came out from the grain and crawled up the wall. i felt consious and alert at the time, i can still remember that to the day. it was real until i told my mom and she touched the cabinet, really weird. not like mushrooms or acid like if you look at something it will move in some way, completely random and almost out the coner of your eye. morphine sucks!
    *as a spark a fresh one..
    hows your skin holding up?
    mine fucking sucks, its always dry and peeling mostly on my arm. oh and itchy as hell sometimes, tryed all the anti itch creams and they barely work. skin is super thin too, minor wrecks always make a huge scab. its annoying more than anything, clothes always got blood on em in riding season.
    nice to meet ya :D

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