burns/amputations / phantom pain

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by xcrispi, Oct 18, 2006.

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    I second the glucosamine!

    Here's the story, My brother's friends, Dick and Susie, told David, my bro, to try this stuff. "It really help with the aches and pains!", they said. David, being a carpenter, had aching hands. He tried it. Three months later, his hands (and his bad knees) had stopped hurting. So he gave me, his older sis, a call. "Ya gotta try this stuff! I'm sending you a $20, so you can try it." I tried it. My thumbs still hurt, but not a tenth as much. My shoulders no longer hurt at all. I'm calling it a success. :thumbsup: It took about 6 weeks to notice the effect, so if you try it, get a 2 or 3 month supply. Puritan's Pride usually can beat even Walmart's prices. - Granny:hippy:

    ps. Hi there, X! :)
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    Hey Granny :hippy: Hope you and yours are doing well esp. w/ all the heat out by you . :(

    I second Puritans Pride :thumbsup: How can you lose w/ buy 1 get 2 free ? I did research 1st Granny , theres like 3 dif forms of gloc. and I guess sulfate is the most easily absorbed in our systems . Our lil bully dog had a knee replaced and the vet recomended gloc. but wanted a million dollars for it LOL . Found Puritans Pride and it's cheap , so I started taking it too :D . It helps a great deal w/ joint pain .
    Peace Granny
    Crispi :jointsmile:
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    Another good one if you can stand the taste....perna mussel. Also MSM (I'll have to go look that one up) all are used very commonly for arthritis in veterinary medicine.
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    hey sorry to hear about what youve went thought but you seem to have a very positive attitude witch is always good im from michigan to what partt are you from?
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    Hi, I was wondering is MJ okay for a friend of mine who is suffering from burns. His battle is constantly feeling the itch to scratch his wounds, and I was wondering will MJ make him better or it will make him worse, as some effects of MJ is that it might make him more sensitive to touches.
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    Hey guy and gals I have a quick question,

    Recently I had bacterial meningitis, and none of the doctors thought I would make it; but I did Yippee!! Due to the meningitis blood was not reaching my toes, so dry gangrene set in. We did everything to try to save them, but eventually they had to amputate all ten of my toes.

    Now heres where my concern come to play. I love weed, I’ve been smoking for a while now, and definitely become a stress relieving factor in my life. So of course a couple weeks after surgery I had a joint. For some odd reason my feet began to tingle, have sharp pains, and pretty much feels like my vain are pumping fast. It’s now been about 8 weeks since the surgery, and this still happening.

    Has anyone else had this problem? If so please tell me what I should do? Should I be worried? Will my feet just get use to weed again? Right now I’m on nerve pain medicine, but is there anything else I should take to stop this ?

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