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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by joe-grow, Apr 15, 2007.

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    Hi - Trying to start my second grow, and seem to be having difficulty getting this one to take root. This is my second attempt at my second grow, and I seem to be having similar problems - burnt leaves.

    My first grow, I went hydro. The results from that grow were disappointing, but I didn't have any major problems with the actual growing. This time, I'm trying soil, because I thought it would be easier for maintaining a mother plant.

    Well, I've tried two different soils, both meant for vegetable seedlings, and both times I've had leaves that look like the photo attached. The two soils were from Shultz and Miracle Grow. The other difference with this grow is the seed used. The last time I went with bag seed, and this time with seeds I bought.

    The pH of the soil tests consistently at 6.5. The environment never gets warmer than 85F, and humidity is almost non-existent. I'm not feeding with anything other than water and some SuperThrive.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  2. Chabnoc

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    I would bet you are using a soil that have time released nutrients in it, and this is burning your Young little seedlings.

    I would think getting a good soil with no time released nuts, might help you. They look burned from nuts to me.

    Foxfarm has a good soil for seedlings. imo
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    Yes, could be nutes.....but the soil is made for seedlings so....kind of odd. Are you splashing them with water on the leaves at all? How much Superthrive are you using? I wonder if you are overdoing it with that.....which could lead to nuteburn as Chabnoc said. The other thought is what kind of lighting do you have and how close to your plants is it?
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    Even with a seedling starting mix I would personally flush it first.
    You can put your plants into a coma with superthrive but since it is not a fertilizer per se, but simply a vitamin B supplement, it's not going to burn them the way overferting would.
    If you were a comfortable hydro grower why don't ou consider using coco?
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    Concensus seems to be nutes

    Thanks all! I appreciate the feedback. I also thought it was nutes, but thought that since the soil listed being specifically for seedlings, that I might be safe. Guess not. :(

    To answer some of the questions posed ... I am not spraying the plant directly, but watering the soil. I filled a quart size spray bottle with pH balanced water and a drop or two of SuperThrive. I've yet to empty the bottle since first planting the seed, and have not added any additional SuperThrive to the bottle since filling it. I had read that you couldn't harm your plants with SuperThrive, so I didn't think anything of it. Thanks, stinkyattic for the tip.

    Can't say I was a 'comfortable' hyrdo grower. I managed to make it through a grow, but the results were not very good. After a decent crop, even though a burned (lamp/heat not nutes) a good portion of the plants, the results weren't very good. The buzz was mild, and was often followed by a headache. I didn't plan on giving up on hydro completely, but had read a lot of people using soil, or switching to soil, and reporting how much easier it was. In addition, I've read that it was popular among many for their mothers, with clones grown in hydro.

    So, my question now is, how do I flush soil? Is it as simple as it sounds - just water it down before planting? I plan to search around, but I won't be disappointed if someone decides to fill me in first. :) Also, is there anything that can be done now, or should I try my third attempt at my second grow?
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    To answer a couple of your last Qs...
    Yes, Thoroughly water down the soil so that the amount that runs through is at least 3 times the volume of ths soil. It helps to have a LOT of perlite, or use something like coco.

    That seedling can pull through.
  7. joe-grow

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    Showing signs of improvement

    Thanks again, stinkyattic! I went ahead and watered down the soil. Although, I don't believe that I watered as much as 3 times the volume of soil. However, there appears to be signs of improvement. I've attached a current photo, which depicts a better appearance from the more recent growth. The original leaves still look pretty bad, and I presume they'll never come back from that burn.

    I did add a lot of perelite to the soil, but realize it's difficult to get that from the photos. I actually thought that I had added too much. Hopefully I'll be able to progress from here!

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  8. joe-grow

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    Looks like a full recovery

    Want to thank all for posting again, for the handholding, during this early stage. Ironically, I seemed to have more trouble getting my soil grow started. A simplified setup was why I went with soil to begin with.

    I'm looking forward to this one growing into my first mother plant. I need to go read about soil mothers and hydro clones. Hope to get a new journal going after I get the whole thing going well. Until then, below is a current photo. This is about a month from seeds.

    Hope everyone had a great 4/20! I certainly did - first year actually having some of our favorite herb handy, and pretty good stuff at that. Hopefully, next year will be my own 'good stuff'. :jointsmile:

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  9. stinkyattic

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    That looks MUCH better and it is now old enough for a little food!
    Veg nutes starting at 1/4 strength.
    Very nice recovery.

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