Bust in S Kingstown

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    From the Providence Journal

    SOUTH KINGSTOWN — A dog breeder accused of growing marijuana in his Green Hill home continues to be held without bail after appearing yesterday in District Court.
    Police searched Kevin White’s 248 Holly Rd. home Friday afternoon after thermal imaging cameras showed earlier in the week that he might be cultivating marijuana inside, Capt. Jeffrey Allen said.
    Officers found pots, fertilizer, lamps and about 15 plants in various stages of growth in the basement as well as 11 pounds of marijuana packaged in bricks throughout the house, Allen said.
    “It was evident to us he was a significant drug dealer,” he said. “We believe he was bringing it in from elsewhere.”
    No one was home during the search. Police took White into custody away from his house after the animal control officer spotted him driving. “It couldn’t have worked out any better,” Allen said.
    Officers obtained search warrants for the use of the cameras — which reveal heat from grow lamps — and the search itself, he said. Westerly and Charlestown police assisted in the investigation, which spanned about two weeks.
    White, 44, appeared before Judge William C. Clifton yesterday to faces charges that he possessed more than 5 kilograms of marijuana with the intent to deliver; possessed 1 to 5 kilograms with intent to deliver; and possessed a firearm — a handgun — while committing a crime of violence. Possession with intent to deliver is a crime of violence under state law.
    In addition, police charged White with possessing about an eighth of an ounce of cocaine after searching his car, Allen said. He did not enter pleas because the charges are felonies.
    White was ordered held without bail after his arraignment before at the Adult Correctional Institutions for violating the terms of his bail for an assault charge.
    One week earlier police charged him with assault and disorderly conduct after he allegedly punched and bit a man who he said owed him $100 for a dog.
    Clifton continued to hold him without bail yesterday and scheduled a bail hearing for Feb. 6.
    Animal Control Officer Robert Wilson turned 14 dogs — including a French mastiff, a boxer, and a number of pugs — and a rabbit over to the South Kingstown Pound following White’s arrest Friday. Wilson said White’s family members had contacted him about getting back the dogs, which are in good condition.
    , back.
    White was at odds with his neighbors last fall. In November, the Zoning Board ordered him to stop selling puppies from his home because retail sales were not permitted in the residential zone. He told the board at the time that he was unable to work because of an injury and that he sold the dogs to supplement his “very limited” income.

    i wonder what they had, to get a warrent for thermal imaging cameras

    Possession with intent to deliver is a crime of violence under state law WHAT how fucked up is that
    glad i have a card
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    damn thats shitty, definately wasnt prepared for that situation.. ive heard of some material that you can put around your room that can help keep the heat insulated and not allow heat seakin flying pigs to fuck you over.. either way im sure he has made a nice sum of cash with all of his deals previous to being apprehended... once he gets out he'll get right back to it :thumbsup:

    that just goes to show on HOW to get caught
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    he broke one of the cardinal rules....do not attract attention to yourself..

    1. having a business of selling dogs out of your house?

    2. being at odds with your neighbors/starting a legal battle?

    3. being in an altercation the week before?

    all the while being a major distributor / grower / probable user

    "spotted" by the animal control officer!

    do the opposite of what this guy did! be discreet and unknown..lay low in society if you are doing illegal things
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    if you look at the law, it states that a patient can grow 12 plants and a caregiver 24, as long as they are grown inside in a secure location. If we all just did that, grew our own and kept quiet about it, the attention would not be there. people tend to brag about their crop and start showing friends, that's where the shit trail begins. follow the law, don't get greedy and all should be ok
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    im fairly sure that guy was neither a patient nor a caregiver
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    everytime i see a grower or pound dealer, or ounce dealer or even a gram dealer get caught, i see prices going up, people outve jobs, and people having to resort to the dangerous streets just to get a plant. lol thats fucked up.
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    this dude was arrested in 2012 for the same thing..... south kingstown is a very small town with a very large police department..... in fact it has a few police departments..... small hamlets like narragansett.... part of south kingstown with itz own copz..... police state... i stay out of south kingstown as much as possible....
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    this is his 3rd arrest....



    1 MANU/SEL/POSS 1K-5K MARIJUANA 21-28-4.01.1(a)(5) Felony 01/18/2008
    2 MAN/DEL/POSS W/INT SCH I/II 21-28-4.01(a)(4)(i) Felony 01/18/2008
    4 POSS SCH I-V CONTROL 21-28-4.01(c)(2)(i) Felony 01/18/2008
    5 MAN/DEL/POSS W/INT I/II N/DEP 21-28-4.01(a)(2) Felony 01/18/2008



    1 MAN/DEL/POSS W/INT SCH I/II 21-28-4.01(a)(4)(i) Felony 10/20/2012
    2 MAN/DEL/POSS W/INT SCH I/II 21-28-4.01(a)(4)(i) Felony 10/20/2012
    3 POSS MARIJUANA/SUB OFF CONV Felony 10/20/2012
    4 SIMPLE ASSAULT 11-5-3(a) Misdemeanor 10/20/2012

    White, Kevin L


    1 Manuf/Del/Poss With Intent Manuf/Del Sch I/II Controlled Substance-(4)(i) Felony 09/05/2017
    2 Keeping or Maintaining a Common Nuisance -1st Offense 21-28-4.06(b)(1) Felony 09/05/2017
    3 Threat to Public Official 11-42-4 Felony 09/05/2017
    4 Simple Assault and/or Battery 11-5-3(a) Misdemeanor 09/05/2017
    5 Resisting Legal or Illegal Arrest 12-7-10 Misdemeanor 09/05/2017

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