Butter gave me a headache.

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by ipreferjoints, Jan 15, 2011.

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    The butter was made with Shiva Shanti - 1oz. I followed the method described in this forum. After eating it, a mild headache occurred and stomach became nauseous. Neither lasted long but it seems every time it was consumed the same symptoms occur. The Shiva was not fresh, it had been frozen in vaccum sealed jars for almost a year (Shiva is not my favorite, it was kept for cooking).
    What would cause these symptoms?
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    Might try Triple Washing your Butter, same as outlined here but you put the butter back into pot with water and cook/cool two more times...

    This is a liquid to liquid transfer and will remove 70% of the Med Taste and other nasties that might be the cause of your problems...
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    I get "weed hangovers" for sure with strong edibles....usually the next morning I have a slight headache, stomach ache sometimes...never last for more than an hour after getting up and definatly nothing a little wake and bake can't solve ;)
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    I might try the tripple wash or at least a double wash.
    I'm in the middle of making another batch right now, this one is made with 1/2 Shiva Shanti and 1/2 Chocolate Chunk with a little keif thrown in for good measure.

    The headache came on within an hour of digesting, not a hangover. I didn't get the "OGM" results I've read here. Only thing I noticed was the lack of a desire to smoke. Not much of the body high that I read about, I was somewhat disappointed. This is why I decided to kick it up a bit with this batch.

    I also read in this post that someone suggested a couple of teaspoons of everclear or vodka added during the last two hours of the cooking process. What is this supposed to achieve? Would anyone do (try) this?
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    I use bubble hash to infuse milk....1 gram to 1 cup of milk...I I simmer on low heat for an hour and pretty much disintegrate the hash into the milk with a chopper/mixer thing I have. It works EVERY time and is amazing. Edibles don't normally get me, but this concoction does. Mix it with a chai tea mix and you have a tasty beverage
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    So the new batch is completed and ready for cooking. I'm making brownies later today. I'll see if the same symptoms occur with this one that did from the last.

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