Butter & the left over weed.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by SprtNVolcoM00, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. SprtNVolcoM00

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    I hope this is the right forum.

    I just made butter and I have about an once of butter soaked weed left over. Whats a good way to either use it, or finish extracting the THC without the butter? Someone said to dry it out and put it in capsules; this would work but might not be as efficient as other methods I'm not aware of. Someone give me their two cents.

  2. 420purplehaze420

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    your pretty close, there is a recipe forum but i guess this falls under recreational use

    the weed has already lost most if not all its THC if you made the butter correctly so i suggest just throwing it out
  3. Swizzy89304

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    If you really want, you can put the Herb in the butter and simmer it again to make it slightly more potent. Or if you live in England, why not do the decent thing and sell the useless weed to chavs? Its all they deserve anyway.

    Fuckin hate chavs.
  4. ToxicHaze

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    ^^^^^^what are chavs?
  5. 420purplehaze420

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  6. sirsmokesalot

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    butter weed

    im a frequent butter maker an i always jus pitch the leftover shit. that weed has got all the nasty water it it that you see seperate when you cool off the butter, and actual butter, so even if you dried it out it would smell like shit, rot as butter does, and probly burn acrid nasty smoke. dont even try it, its not worth it just pitch it.

    trust me:thumbsup:
  7. sirsmokesalot

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    by the way i looked up chav...

    funny shit. damn brits

    but it also makes we want to shoot those chave fuckers
  8. Swizzy89304

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    Theyre bloody awful arent they. Just looking at them is a violation of my human civil rights.
  9. ant

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    Sliiiiightly unrelated, but not :p

    Sorry, I just finished a batch and thought I could make goo balls with the left-overs so I came here to see... thanks for the answer! But you made me ask another - I didn't have any water separate from my cooled butter (I used 3 sticks of butter, about a half of trim and early buds, and 1/2 cup of water)...Is something wrong?
  10. Lit Up

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    More water.

    I use a cup of water for every cup of butter.

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