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Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Houstonian, May 18, 2005.

  1. Houstonian

    Houstonian Registered

    What is the availability in Cancun? I'm going in the fall and would like to buy there.
  2. 4thpower

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    my roomate went on a cruise to cancun, and said he got hit up a couple of times to buy weed on the street. Probably not exactly the chronnest of the chron, though.
  3. abcmofo

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    you can get it easy, watch out for prices though. its the dankest of dankest seeded shitty weed and they'll want around £20 for a few gram, if you american even more. stick to your guns - i got em down to about £3 which i still thought was too much for what it was - better idea, take your own! got a nice fat rock of coke for about £30 which i did think was a good deal cos got about an 1/8 : )
  4. Houstonian

    Houstonian Registered

    So how do you fly w/ weed

    Like I said, I'm new. How much effort does it take to get pot through airport security, what are the tips of the trade, etc?
  5. Smokin2

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    I wouldn't do it if I were you. I been to Cancun twice and I got checked by customs on my way back into the states. They went through everything. I would just say get it there, smoke it there and don't take the risk. Why waste your trip, for some weed. Anyway, I hooked up with someone at the hotel and smoked all week, for free, YEAH, guys are dumbass and will do anything for a girl. LOL! What a fool he was, but hey, it worked for me. Honestly, I saw lots of people smoking it down there. Hell, a few times they were smoking it walking outside from one bar to the next. I just said, "hey, puff, puff, pass, and they did." Good luck, have fun, and be sure to do he bundgy jump at the Sr. Frogs, it was so awesome. Where you staying at? Blue Bay, has two resorts there, one is for Adults only and I found it the most enjoyable. I was there to have a good time and it was nice not to have any children around. I left mine at home with their dad, so it was cool not to have to deal with anyone elses while I was having a good time.
  6. abcmofo

    abcmofo Registered+

    i tape it to my boxers behind my balls - helps if you got em, butt like one of my friends says - she got a whole lotta holes - but anyway, they search everything on the way in and way out. i had 3 000 cigs in my suitcase which io was certain they would rob off me but because there was a rush - we got waved through without a search!!! nice one cos they charge yer 50 quid to leave the country, and i was gutted if i was gonna give em me cigs too
  7. paulcky411

    paulcky411 Registered+

    when i was there last november it was easy to come by... when i was walking down the street in the downtown area all the mexicans ask you if you want it... i didnt buy any but i got one of them to show me it, they're sketchy about it though... they brought me up into some back room and were like begging me to buy it, it definitely didnt look like anything great but still weed...
  8. hipEstoner

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    heres what yopu do,, take out all the vasoline in the vasoline containers and put your weed in airtight bags,put the bag down in there and put the vasoline on top,, thats how we did it comming back from jamaica with 4 ounces of hash..the dogs didnt have a clue
  9. Houstonian

    Houstonian Registered

    Sweet - thanks for all the advice. I still don't know what I'll do, just starting to think it through. This forum rocks and I really appreciate all of you!
  10. Houstonian

    Houstonian Registered

    We're staying on Isla Mujeres, but I'm sure we'll back and forth to the mainland several times. Anyone hang on Isla before with contacts for weed?

    Not all of us guys are dumbasses - just ones that only want to get laid. Like my weed, I'm planning to take my main squeeze w/ me. Don't have to worry about the quality down there either way, ay?
  11. Smokin2

    Smokin2 Registered+

    LOL> I would have to agree that your right not all guys are dumbass, but he was, cause he sure as hell didn't get laid, not even a single kiss! Therefor he qualifies as a dumbass.

    I visited Isla when I was there. About a two hour boat ride from Cancun. I didn't think you could stay on the island. The island is very very small, you can walk it in just a few hours. I only saw locals there and I don't recall one hotel. There wasn't much to do except visit the shops with mosty homemade crafts. I took a trip from Blue Bay there, to do some snorkeling which I totally recommend. All I can say is most of the locals looked high to me. It's a nice place to visit for an afternoon, but I'm not sure I would want to stay there. I haven't been to Cancun since 2000 so maybe some things have change. Either way, the ocean is amazing no matter where you are. Have a great time with your girl and be careful if you chose to take something with you.
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  12. Houstonian

    Houstonian Registered

    There are some cool places to stay on Isla

    I'd check it out, if you're interested in something kinda close to Cancun, but not so touristy. I biked the island on a day trip in 2000, found tons of hotels and stuff on the north end. Some pretty good restaurants, too. Check it out by googling it, there are several informative sites. There's also this guy who posts on trip who puts out a monthly info sheet on the lates in Isla.
  13. hijynx427

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    Isla Mujeres

    Since 2000 there has been major development on Isla Mujeres. There are now large hotels, many casas that offer weekly or monthly rentals and an ultramar ferry service (fast) that runs from Cancun to Isla every half hour until 11:00PM which costs about 6-7 one way.

    As for bud here, any of the shop owners who have pipes out for sale usually sustain by selling buds. Check a few places and try to get a good deal (remember, about 12 pesos to every 1 dollar) because the weed here isn't great from what I've seen.

    If there is a place on Isla where people can get higher quality nugget, I am living here on the island for a good long time and I'd LOVE to be dropped some knowledge.

    All in all, I wouldn't pay more than 5-10 bucks a gram for the weed that I've gotten on Isla in the past for more (before I did my conversions and weighed my bag)... Don't be like me - get a good deal on your first trip!!!
  14. RideTheWave

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    You do realize this a 5 yr old post right?
  15. Korovian Green

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    Good Info HiJynx!

    yeah, maybe 5 years old, but good to know! I've been going to Isla for some time and the place just seems too sleepy and isolated to have much of a weed trade, but that i know what to look to for (the pipe sellers) i'll know who to ask. it makes sense. i love isla! great place to chill. great food. if only i can find some bud there!

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