CA CPS and medical marijuana card, problem?

Discussion in 'Legal' started by rosales, Jun 27, 2010.

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    In California, medical cannabis is quasi-legal, as we know. My family is law abiding, and we take care of our children very well. My spouse is considering getting her recommendation becuase of muscle spasms and pain, and doesn't like the prescription meds, and feels the medical mj could help. If she were to grow, and keep it secret, in theory all would be well. She is worried, however, if someone found out, they could call CPS and even though she was following 215 and SB420 to the letter, that the children could get taken away. So, maybe it's not worth the risk. Unless there is no risk? Thanks.
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    I'm a female, I live in California, I have children. I am just like your spouse in that sense. I got my card because I was prescribed ativan for insomnia and anxiety. I can't take ativan, otherwise I might as well just be drunk. Ativan knocks me out cold, and that's not what I was looking for....well at least not for my anxiety that can last all day long.

    Even though I live in California and have my card, it's always in the back of my mind that I could potentially get in trouble, if someone really wanted me to... even though I know, and everyone around me knows that I'm an amazing mom and very active in my kids lives and sports. My kids are honor roll students.

    I suggest for you spouse to not tell anyone, and keep everything hush for the time being. There is no reason to flaunt it anyways. I wouldn't go around my family and friends and be like " hey everyone, look at this prescription for ativan I have. 1 pill and you're done!!" so I won't do it with cannabis either.

    Think long and hard about it. It really sucks as a mom to have to worry about being treated like a criminal for using alternative medicine. I can say I'd be a far worse example of a parent if I had to take ativan 2-3 times a day. Those are the things your spouse should think about if she decides to use cannabis because it's a reasonable, defendable arguement. Which method of treatment will allow her to still be a full functioning parent and citizen? The pills, or cannabis?:twocents:
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    Thanks for your input. Mainly she wasn't confident the children would keep it 100% secret, although I think they would if we explained it to them. The use of mmj is not the thing that has her worried, rather the cultivation. Of course, the reason for cultivation is to save money on medicine.
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    Actually CPS accepts the ca mmj card,been there done that,also CPS has very minimal if any budget nowadays and most likely you will never see anyone if they were to call anyway.
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    They accept it...when they decide they want to. I answered their phones after hours in 2006, and we would receive many calls with anonymous people calling to report on stuff like this.

    Don't think for a second they don't follow up on it.
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    CPS is NO punk here in Texas, They follow up EVERYTHING. I'd be careful....very careful wherever you live.
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