Cakes with weed?

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by nrishiraj, Aug 5, 2004.

  1. nrishiraj

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    I have made cakes using hash, has anyone tried it with green (weed)? do you get the same effect, my friend tells me that it doesn't melt properly?
  2. nrishiraj

    nrishiraj Registered+

    I don't know what cannabutter is. Can I just use normal butter with the green?

  3. chugger33

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    :rolleyes: I am a chef and have found thru lots of trial and error that the best tastin and most effective recipe is for pound cake using cannabutter. IT'S CALLED POUND CAKE FOR A REASON, ALL INGREDIENTS ARE MEASURED BY THE POUND ( 1 pound of cannabutter). All I can say is " not going anywhere for a while" :cool: The next best is banana nut muffins .
  4. nrishiraj

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    Let me get this straight. At the moment, the way I make a cake is like this: I melt the butter in a pan then I throw in the hash (it's already crumbled) I then leave it to boil for a few minutes. Leave it to settle for a another few mins in the pan. I then leave it in room temperature overnight or a few hours until it's kinda like solid.

    I then add that butter into a mixing bowl and add the other ingredients in i.e. caster sugar, self raising flour etc and I use an all-in-one method.

    From what I have explained above, did I make Cannabutter?

    My main question is can I just simply use green instead of hash? Because I have been told that I can't do this and that it doesn't come out right?

    Thanks guys.
  5. Sensi Super Skunk

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  6. nrishiraj

    nrishiraj Registered+

    I just made the cake and made a mistake I just mixed the butter with the weed. I didn't take the buds off and it was dry. When the cake was made, it tasted disgusting.
  7. bakpain

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    dude, these guys are confrustering you... chek out my recipe for Patient’s choice poppy seed RX-bread, look in recipes under "best canna-oil recipe + best pot dish EVER"
  8. nrishiraj

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    can I use skunk to make cannabutter? anyone tried this yet?

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