Cali kush from Humboldt county

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by Closet Smoker, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. Closet Smoker

    Closet Smoker Registered+

    Heres whats left of some cali kush. This shit has a very powerful smell. The scent so powerful, it will get ya caught without smoking it. You can smell it through a plastic bag inside my center console. The high... its very sativa, I feel retarded:dance: great bud, we got two grams for $50. Whats sad is, I just ground some up and somehow dropped the grinder with the teeth section out and it spilt that whole nug on my carpet. I wasn't even high yet...:silly::(

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  2. illnillinois

    illnillinois Banned


    i love seeing all the pictures of kind bud, even swag
    thanks for the pic.
  3. BongLoser

    BongLoser Registered+

    Same here that is great looking bud man sorry to hear about dropping your grinder, sadly i do that alot :/
  4. Ub3rB0ng

    Ub3rB0ng Registered+

    heh you paid alot for that,even in humbolt you would never have to pay that much for 50 bucks you could get over an 8th.
  5. Closet Smoker

    Closet Smoker Registered+

    well im in GA so its a 3000 mile tax;)
  6. jimmy!

    jimmy! Registered+

    looks as dank as the cali kush i had in cali.
  7. jimmy!

    jimmy! Registered+

    sorry i am quite mystified:Rasta::Rasta::Rasta::Rasta:
  8. Ub3rB0ng

    Ub3rB0ng Registered+

    heh a 3000 mile tax, thats a good one dude. If you ever want humbolt for a better price I have hookups there ;)
  9. DeS619

    DeS619 Registered

    nice looks dank, picked up some humboldt kush a couple days ago, heres a nug of lavender kush from the sack

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  10. Closet Smoker

    Closet Smoker Registered+

    whats interesting is, my bud came from the other side of the continent and it looks fresher than your bud. I dont mean your bud does not look amazing because it does, but the shit i got is way fluffier and less handled...
  11. DeS619

    DeS619 Registered

    yea that nugg i posted is pretty dense, i like it, heres what left of the sack... glad you enjoyed that cali bud :thumbsup:

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  12. Robin_Goodfellow

    Robin_Goodfellow Registered+

    sweet mother of god i wish i didnt live in utah
  13. fearmygun1

    fearmygun1 Registered+

    ur on crack bro..thats some bomb he has
  14. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Sativa you say? Strange - the kushes are typically indica dominant, but the bud might have bee harvested early before the THC was mature giving an up high instead of a stone.

    Anyway, looks like some very nice bud.

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