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  1. RUTBpiping

    RUTBpiping Registered+

    I'am here south aussie stoner. :D
  2. FarmBoy1

    FarmBoy1 Registered

    Sydney boy here

    Hey all, yeah, I'm from Sydney, just joined the site, looks like mostly US and UK peeps here. Anyhoos, I'm happy to get to know the peeps from Oz
  3. FarmBoy1

    FarmBoy1 Registered

    Hey Sarah

    Cool to see a Koori girl on here, hope to see more of your posts
  4. Kenn

    Kenn Registered+

    Fark Slayer got banned ,I knew he was giving the mods abit of shit ,eh must of pissed someone off fark a shame he is a man with alot of knoledge he will be missed.
  5. sarah louise

    sarah louise Registered+

    Thanks farmboy, yeah we are a bit of a novelty online :hippy:

    Shame about Slayer, not many Aussies here as it is :(
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  6. frylok

    frylok Registered+

    Hey, i'm here.

    ....... this is why i don't post much, i never have anything to useful
    to add, apart from random shit from south park and winx club and power rangers and.......

    And the list go's on......

    Wow. I have no life at all. And yet I don't care.
    And this is me when i'm fucking sober!!

    And I live in dawin by the way.
  7. smokenss

    smokenss Registered+

    hello from wa . i mainly just look at the bud porn. :smokin:
  8. yorry

    yorry Registered

    Hehehe I am with you there Sarah-louise, I have the same affliction! Good to have you aboard ... and nice plants btw :thumbsup:

  9. Kenn

    Kenn Registered+

    Good to see ya Frylok and smokness, you guys should post more and keep these boards active,somtimes it goes for days without a post in the aussie forums ..It would be a shame if we lost our forum cause no one used it.
  10. smokenss

    smokenss Registered+

    im mainly in the grow log area lookn 4 ways to make my buds bigger:jointsmile:.
    im another 1 who goes bear footed
  11. smokenss

    smokenss Registered+

    porn of my own:smokin:

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  12. sarah louise

    sarah louise Registered+

    I do like to look at picures of plants but... maybe we just have different tastes in porn.
    edit ~ didn't see you pics, doesn't look like you will be waiting until april, happy looking plants you have there :thumbsup:

    I used to live in Leanyer and work out in Palmerston with the black fellas, but I hear Palmerston is all civilised, suburban and verging on middle class these days... it was a long time ago.

    Just be careful, it's bindi season. Every now and a gain I meet a bindi sharp enough to penetrate through even my feet. ;)

    Not a truer word spoken. I'm quite likeing being in a forum where people are growing outdoors at the same time that I am and who understand the particular issues we face growing in Aus. :hippy:
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  13. smokenss

    smokenss Registered+

    thanx Sarah ,i dont like to wait should b smoken that lot a bit b4 xmas:smokin:
  14. frylok

    frylok Registered+

    Dude, Palmerston civillised? Who HAVE you been talking too?....

    I live in Malak myself, i only just moved up here from melbourne tho,
    been up here for about 8 months.

    So far everything except the wheather is o.k

    I HATE tropical wheather.
  15. sarah louise

    sarah louise Registered+

    Yeah, civilised. It started when they moved the tank division from Bandiana up to Palmerston in the mid 90's. Since then, things have really changed. When I was there half the population lived in the long grass. Photo's a friend sends down now show suburban housing developments and no more shanty. I'd call that civilised.

    I think you have to go out past Humpty Doo now to see what Darwin 'used to be like'.

    December is the worst time of the year for southerners in Darwin, take heart that once the rain really gets going, it is all a lot more comfortable. And once the dry begins next year, you'll be able to wear a pair of levis comfortably again.

    It just takes a year or two to adjust to the different climate. I spent 3 1/2 years in Darwin and only wore a jumper on one occasion.
  16. Kenn

    Kenn Registered+

    I think the term you are looking for is...'cannaporn'.;)
  17. Agent13

    Agent13 Registered


    Joined up here while back and forgot about it. Hard to find a decent Aussie board but this looks pretty good...and civilised. I like smaller crowds.

    Well I don't remember seeing anyone else from Tassie so I may be a first.

    Enjoy the season, see you around.
  18. Kenn

    Kenn Registered+

    welcome agent keep on posting man.
  19. TheJesus

    TheJesus Registered

    Didn't notice this thread before, looks kind of dead eh.
  20. Kenn

    Kenn Registered+

    nah mate actually we have a good crowd of regular posters..Its picked up a fair bit since I posted this thread ..anyway mate nice to see ya keep on postin lets get these Aussie boards pumpin':jointsmile:

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