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  1. sarah louise

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    You can change that :hippy:

    ps. and hello and welcome to the southerly extremes of :)
  2. smokenss

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    rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr has any 1 else in wa had trouble trying 2 find pot this year ?last year any time i wanted it i got but this year its bn fucked, not only is it near on impossible to find but the price is fuckn crazy nothing less than $350 and up 2 $450 and it was only $250 to $300 earlyer this year .
  3. Kenn

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    Well thought id get in and say ..Hope all the aussie members had a great christmas and ..all the best for 2008 lets get those pics up of your 2008 grows and represent Australia with pride. merry christmas everyone may santa bring you all a big bud for christmas.:D:D:D
  4. Conehead

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    f*#kn tell me about it dude this is stupid. i could always get it from this guy who could get ANYTHING u wanted but now he barely get's any for himself. im thinking of moving somewhere else lol. if someone could get weed into wa they would make a killing
  5. sarah louise

    sarah louise Registered+

    lol old smokers will tell you it is just the 'normal' xmas dry.

    It really shouldn't happen as much as it used to... but still the prices go up, the bush bud disappears and the only thing you can get before xmas is hydro grown at really high prices.

    A couple of decades ago Australia's domestic dope market was grown outdoors and supply was seasonal. You could get heaps from April to October and then things dried up until the next outdoor harvests.

    But now, considering that most of the 4 billion dollars* worth of cannabis traded in Australia annually is grown indoors, the seasons shouldn't make a difference to availability.

    As a black market good, the major price mechanism should be supply and demand. Ok supply used to drop off the further you got from the date of the outdoor harvest and price increased as demand remained stable. A sudden increase in price was expected as demand for smoke peaks just before xmas and a lot more pressure was put on remaining supplies. ie Even people who only usually smoke other people's want to buy a bit for the xmas nw year period.

    The thing is now, weed supply is not limited by the date of the outdoor harvest, yet we see the same price change and supply issues. To me this suggests that something other than a supply /demand mechanism is in effect. I think profiteering (same as we see at the petrol pumps before xmas) is most likely for the price rise. I don't think increased demand before the holidays can account for the price rise alone.

    * Estimate by Access Economics for the value of cannabis trade Australia wide for 2003.

    Yet another reason to grow your own :hippy:
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  6. needap

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    ive heard some rumors that growers like to have some time off to.
    finish up before xmas and start of fresh again in the new year.

    then there are the ones who have planned it to perfection and are charging what ever they want.
  7. smokenss

    smokenss Registered+

    iv bn smoken 4 14 years and this year is the 1st year iv paid more than $300 and its bn like this 4 7 or 8 months.

  8. RUTBpiping

    RUTBpiping Registered+

    If you buy SMALL amounts you will not be affected terribly bags from SOME dealers will get stingy but most wont.

    Since i got kinda connected i have had no problem getting any.I only bought 2 x 25 bags and i got that no worries only that the middle person ask for a couple of buds.

    The price you pay to get some i guess. :)
  9. smokenss

    smokenss Registered+

    the first time i got stoned it was with my best mates older bothers friends when i 15 i had 3 buckets of purple buds and i was smashed and numb and i loved it cing flashes of swirly colours and laughing at every thing thats was said.
  10. Kenn

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    You r rite SL its just the xmas shortage ..everyone buys up for the holidays and thats why u cant get it this time of year. Ive just run out myself and do you think I can find any ....not a fkn hope .....dry as a nuns search goes on.
  11. smokenss

    smokenss Registered+

    ops i should of quoted this b4 posting last time
  12. sarah louise

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    It is one of the unchanging features of the Aus cannabis market.

    For me it doesn't matter if it is available or not, I don't buy, sell or trade by barter in any circumstances. With my line of work I can't really be seen to be financially engaged in the illegal drug trade. ;)

    When I run out, my habit of making voluntary contributions to those less fortunate, usually means I benefit from donations from those with current surpluses.

    At the moment this karmic arrangement is working out ok, but I expect some time of nail chewing before harvest :hippy:
  13. RUTBpiping

    RUTBpiping Registered+

    You should be.....because people seem to run out all at the same time.

    I got $50 worth new years eve eve and the person i got it off hadn't broken up the bud and filled the bag it was just a couple of BIG nugs he weighed it to demonstrate that i wasn't getting ripped off i got two bags 2.2g and 2.3g respectively.Considering the average bag is about 1.5-2.0g i think that is bloody good.

    Too bad i cant use mum's camera i'd show you. :(
  14. sarah louise

    sarah louise Registered+

    that depends on who you know and how they grow :hippy:

    Currently, I am choosing not to smoke because I have a cold and I don't want a chest infection as well.

    I find cannabutter between my vegimite and toast is nearly as effective as smoking for pain control.

    It is the not smoking tobacco that has me biting my finger nails atm, better go buy some gum.
  15. Kenn

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    Smokenss your bud is looking nice by the way lucky you ? no more searchin for awhile for u mate ...looks like some nice bud tho man for sure .u know what strain it is?
  16. smokenss

    smokenss Registered+

    thanks kenn,but i burnt them on the 13th dec, check out my grow on the link.

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  17. GreenQueen

    GreenQueen Registered

    Hey Aussies!!! New here...intend to stick around
    Any other Melbournites????
  18. sarah louise

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    I'm a Melbourne escapee, can't say it is my favourite city in the country but I did live there for a long time.
  19. GreenQueen

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    An escapee huh? Don't mind Melbourne myself....
    Thanks for the welcome.
  20. Helterskelter2

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    Hey im from QLD, and it looks like im the only one :(

    Is it just me or does qld just suck balls when it comes to weed. All you guys are getting like "bubble gum" etc, and where stuck with the same old shit. So if theres anybody in Caboolture lol and you know some good people, hook me up coz im sick of hardly getting stoned anyore

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