camping and fishing with my medicine any advice

Discussion in 'New Mexico (NM)' started by thefun1smokedawg, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. thefun1smokedawg

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    i love fishing and camping been wanting to go. i know i cant smoke in federal parks but what about lakes and places in new mexico. is there anywhere i can go camping with my medicine and not have to worry bout getting in trouble?
  2. emilya

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    Just don't offer any to the bears. You can get in trouble for that, you know? :S2:
  3. thefun1smokedawg

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    lol now thats good advice
  4. tlranger

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    So why did smoky take my stash?
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    :wtf:No sense being the first person that drowns with a 150lb fish with a joint in its' mouth.

    Switch to a Vape Pen, less odor and much higher with the concentrate in it. If it is Federal or State owned..forget smoking a joint and just be discreet about vaping. The vape pens work wonders.:thumbsup:

    Never flaunt it or do it around others that are not doing it. IF you can't smoke a cigarette you can't smoke a joint. This issue is being addressed here in Calif to ban vape pens for tobacco. Please don't give us more work to get it legalized and you out of jail. Just be respectful and you should be fine.
    And catch plenty of fish! Fish is pretty awesome with a little cannabutter .. :eat: and the high lasts longer with edibles! Enjoy :Rasta: pr
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  6. thefun1smokedawg

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    i know alot of people smoke to get high and I love the way it makes me feel. but i can honestly say im in my 30s now and i dont smoke to get high anymore i smoke to get right. i officially have my card for ptsd but more often than not i use cannabis to treat my pain. i was in a bad accident and broke the whole left side of my body pretty much. coller bone, arm, my femur in 3 places pretty much shattered my knee cap and my meniscus and my a.c.l are shot. couldnt walk for almost a year i was in a wheel chair. then walked with crutches for about 6 months and used a cane for a little over 2 years. i use to play football. cant ever play again. i use to kick box too. i can do some stuff with that but im limited with my over all mobility.

    ive been smoking for the pain for a long time. and have always taken a bag camping and fishing or what not. never got in trouble just wondered if i did get caught if i would be protected with my card. im sure ill be fine tho. thanks for the advice too. and i do have and use a vape pen for my wax. and your right i love it. :)
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  7. thefun1smokedawg

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    (@tlranger) cause its his job to deal with fire.
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