Can a Marijuana felon get a medical card?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Dispensary' started by azurebird, May 14, 2009.

  1. azurebird

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    A neighbor of mine got popped growing about 15 years ago and got a felony on his record. He is suffering from severe back pain and would like to get a card to score and grow with in California. Will he be able to?
  2. MPLSweedman

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    it probably depends on how he was growing 15 years ago

    was it a large-scale operation designed to make himself rich or was he growing 2 plants for his severe back pain

    im not sure about CA felony laws, do they stick for life? 15 years seems like a long time
  3. Storm Crow

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    I don't see why not!

    I know of a guy who was on probation for growing a "few" too many plants. He was allowed to continue using his MMJ by the judge in the case. (He ended up with 3 years probation, but died- not due to illness- before completing it.)

    There is a section in the law where a person in jail/on probation can petition to be allowed to use MMJ, but it does not have to be granted. Nothing I saw says he can't.

    Your friend has "paid his debt to society", so it is between him and his doctor! And the doctor should be easy to convince! He will go by the medical evidence. :thumbsup:

    Granny :hippy:
  4. yesoer

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    i dont believe doctors do back ground checks
  5. killerweed420

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    He should have no problem. Its a medical issue not a legal one. I know here in Washington theres nothing in the new law that limits felons from getting there medication.
  6. ssd123

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    Yeah I live in Washington too and nobody at the clinic asked me if I had an criminal record.
  7. Divestoned

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    In Oregon there's a window,So like if you got busted for manufacture in the past 3 year's,you cant get your license.That wont apply to a 15 year old charge.

  8. piscianrainbow

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    felony and medical card issue answer from personal experience...

    Dear friend,

    The grand answer to your question is...YES!!!:thumbsup::jointsmile::Rasta::pimp::Rasta::smokin::stoned:

    I am an Indiana felon for cultivating mmj; but when moving to Colorado here I was able to get a medical MMJ card easily...I went through deal for the total price and they have a couple tricks of trade to share as well! Very great and entertaining crew i must admit! Great staff there for real though. :)
  9. motahammed56

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    its true..... doctors dnt do a background check on u

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