Can a Patient OR Caregiver sell to dispensaries?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Dispensary' started by Snivvle, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. Snivvle

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    I am currently in Colorado. I read through the 20th amendment in the constitution, and couldn't find anything. Then again, gray areas galore so I didn't think I would. That said, does anyone know if it is legal to sell to dispensaries? I just called one up, and they told me that they do not buy. Maybe that is just 1 of many who won't. I am going to be a caregiver soon, and was inquisitive as to whether a caregiver could sell extra crop to a dispensary.

  2. Dest

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    yes its legal, how you think dispensaries get their bud round here when they're only aloud to flower 3 plants a patient?
  3. Snivvle

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    Well, I haven't found a law about it, so it is 100% gray imo. It may be up to the discretion of the dispensary.

    Secondly, they can flower much more than 3 plants if they have a patient list, which is going to be much easier to come by considering that they are in fact a dispensary. For each new patient, that is 6 more plants.
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    This is one of the isssues they have been trying to address in there lil and who supplys the meds to the yes its a grey area still...most selling there stuff on cgirs list anyways cause they can grow better smaller crops and sell it out right for 30 to 50 more an oz then if to a it is now you can openly sell to anyone who has the leagl paperwork just dont go selling to someone with out presenting your papers and seeing theres.
    as for the dispenserys...they have plenty now with there commercial grows so the are either not buying or want to buy it for 200 oz..or the all to really stupid one...they want to consign it for you after wich youll be lucky to get paid...personaly Ima just hang onto mine and tho it will sell slower it will sell always dosebut I figure I can make an extra few bucks that way and still sell a good potent sack to a patient for less then a dispencery...hell Ill even diliver the thing for free and still come out a winner as will the patient.
    will add one more thing since your goig to be a cargiver picky about yer patients...there are alot of rights signers out there who dump there rights grow to grower sevral times a week for the free bag or what sure you have something to offer thats quality and offer other services such as doc appoints, rides to and from...eatables and such as the law will soon require you to do more then just grow weed for patients.

    good luck

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    Soo looking forward to moving west

    I currently live in Fla, I was wondering if anyone could link me to the laws in the northwest, Colorado, oregon, CA would be good for a start. I would love to hook up with someone who needs a hand, in exchange for an education. I'm looking to going legit, but would like to 'apprentice' for a couple yrs to learn the business. I am a mason by trade, studying for my Cert in Heavy eq operations right now, but my true love is the green.

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