Can anyone guess which defiency this is?

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by CannabisKid_ZA, Feb 17, 2017.

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    This plant is 4 weeks old, in organic pro mix. Using biobizz organic biogrow and fishmix. I fertilize at full strength once every other watering. I foliar spray the fishmix everyday in the mornings.

    I see on a few of my plants, the leafs show sign of being almost see through. Seems the leave structure is missing greenness.

    I've already given epsom salts and no change.

    also the tops of the leafs have almost a paleness over them

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  2. Weezard

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    Problem exists between keyboard and chair.

    Stop spraying stinky crap on the leaves.
    Stop overloading the soil with un-needed ferts.
    Stop adding stuff.
    Time to simplify.

    It's a hardy weed! It grows very well in just plain dirt if we do not interfere.

    This was grown in FFOF with no nutes, no sprays, no "amendments".

    50 days.JPG
    These were grown in just plain soil
    They were given a single application of bloom nutes early in flower and nothing else.
    Well, actually they did get top dressed with an inch of worm castings, (1:0:0) to repel white fly.
    July lineup.JPG Natural.JPG

    The dryer sheets covering the soil repel Fungus gnats, and Thrips.
    In veg, when the new growth starts to pale, I up pot.
    The fresh soil and root room are all they were asking for.

    A simple and inexpensive method. No "burn", no lockouts, no flushing, no fooling. :)

    90% of nutrient advice is born of marketing hype.
    The blind leading the gullible.
    JMHO but the pics speak for themselves. :D

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  3. CannabisKid_ZA

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    That was a great reply thanks mate! I will take your advice and post back in a few days and see if there are any positive changes
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  4. GaGrown

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    That last pic looks like one of Dutch Pimps solo cup plants before tha flip..lolAwesome!
  5. Weezard

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    That one is a Pokerface.
    A gift from Rusty.
    She did not disappoint. :)
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    No sir..I still have some of those too..He told me that Ambers Phist was not worth running and to not waste my time..
  7. Weezard

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    I have to disagree.
    It was not the most potent, true, but the wife loves it because it causes no munchies.
    That's a very big deal for dieters.
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    Would you like more pokerface and ambers phist? @Weezard .

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