Can budd make you hallucinate?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by sharkfinz, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. sharkfinz

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    Hey stoners,

    I only smoke budd when I can get it (I could get it often but I only buy it when someone is selling it) so inbetween stoning sessions my tollerance never builds. This is why I can get *absolutely* hammered off a strong joint, so I guess I get the extreme end of 'high'. Of course there are only several memorable sessions that stick out in my memory where in my oppinion I have hallucinated, though I had this conversation with my best friend and he says that MJ does not cause them.

    A few of my experiences include sitting next to a buisy road surrounded by trees and fields smoking (strongest I have ever had IMO) where the sound of the cars driving past blurred into the sound of a waterfall and the feeling of the smoke pouring out my mouth and nose was, well difficult to describe, but equainted to being adement I was sitting next a waterfall and being brought back to reality occasionally then drifting back to a state believing I was in the amazon.. :wtf: other times when I have been on my own I have day dreamed/imagined (??) myself being made of metal (this was a scary stone btw :( ) and I seem to remember monsters of some sort.. :wtf: the last one for now.. :)D) is watching the TV and being able to predict what is going to happen, and being exactly correct.. well I guess this is not strictly a hallucination but trippy a fuck..

    Well, whatcha think stoners? :Rasta::pimp::thumbsup:
  2. EbelEyes

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    Cannabis is a Psychedelic.

    Your friend doesn't sound smart.
  3. Barney Trouble

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    no, it doesn't cause you to hallucinate
  4. EbelEyes

    EbelEyes Registered+

    STATUS Scheduled
    SCHEDULE Schedule I
    CLASSIFICATION Hallucinogen
  5. Spagett

    Spagett Registered+

    SCHEDULE Schedule I

    They aren't very reputable
  6. ChronicJoint

    ChronicJoint Registered+

    Cannabis regulations and "facts"
    truthful: no
    status: still the same old bullshit
    schedule: this is some shit you don't wanna sniff
    classification: propaganda
  7. TToken

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    Ive herd of ppl doing so kinda mabe distors ur vision or somthin small, but ive smoked a shit load and i havnt been lucky enuf :/
    been smoke almost ten years now
  8. Acouwaila

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    Yes. .....Period.

    I don't understand why you are asking....if you had these hallucinogenic trips, then why are you asking if it causes you to hallucinate?

    I know that it can, and you know that it can. Who the fuck cares if other people don't.

    Ive seen some wild shit from a pot high
  9. us gov't also told us there were WMD's in iraq.

    of course they would call bud a hallucinogen. theyre hallucinating themselves.
  10. EbelEyes

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    I hallucinate to some extent everytime I smoke. Some of my friends also experience this. At the same time, however, other friends have never hallucinated from Cannabis.

    Cannabis IS a Psychedelic drug. Just because you've never hallucinated from smoking doesn't mean that it doesn't happen.
  11. well ive never seen any pink elephants or had any sort of visual manifestations when i was high. im glad for that, i would think i were smoking something laced.
  12. Acouwaila

    Acouwaila Registered+

    its not like you fuckin see random shit like leprachauns that arent there....its like you see objects but they clearly look like a different object...

    one night I was drivin home on a wet country road ...and a reflection in the road looked JUST like someone in a white shirt walking out into the middle of the street.
  13. beginerbuddah

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    sharkfinz what you smoking?
    cus ive smoked about 3 grams in the last 30 mins an i aint seeing shit :(
  14. youre smokin some chemicals

    just kiddin dont get all crazy
  15. EbelEyes

    EbelEyes Registered+

    Its rarely OEV, and when it is, it seems to be dots or lines moving about subtly on a wall (for example).

    I sometimes also get breathing walls from time time, edges of objects wiggling, so on and so forth.

    Most of the time its CEV, and that can get pretty out there.

    At least thats what I get.
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  16. i dont know what oev or cev is.
  17. EbelEyes

    EbelEyes Registered+

    OEV: Open Eye Visuals

    CEV: Closed Eye Visuals
  18. McLeodGanja

    McLeodGanja Banned

    Cannabis can cause mild hallucinations. In my experience these usually materialise in the form of sounds. Sometimes when I am lying in bed I sort of hallucinate music, often it is like nothing I have ever heard before, like some experimental techno, and occasionally I dream music I have never heard. Sometimes when I close my eyes in bed I also have visual hallucinations, like fractal patterns that morph into random scenarios, like a mountain scape, or people, or anything really. I don't know if they can strictly be called hallucinations, although one time in my early days as a toker I woke up in the night and there was a blue face floating in front of my eyes, not with very distinct features, more like a computer drawing sort of thing. Around 6 years ago I took a bus from Pushkar in India to Udaipur overnight, and for the journey i took along a bottle of "full power" bhang lassi, a yoghurt drink made from marijuana leaves that is legal in that part of India. The noise this old bus made on the bumpy road turned into music, like this minimal electro mix, quite possibly the most enjoyable bus journey i have ever taken.
  19. EbelEyes

    EbelEyes Registered+

    Ahhh I forgot all about the music!
  20. Nightrafe

    Nightrafe Registered+

    Yes it can make you hallucinate. I had some hallus before. Especially one time last year on a festival. We smoked plural joints, did some pipes and some bong hits. And on the end of the day I was tripping pretty hard. I had to crawl back to my tent over the floor. In my head I could fly. It took me in fact more than 10 minutes (in my mind less than a minute) to get back in my tent, which was only about 10 meters away. It can also be a little side effect off the salvia I did earlier that day, I smoked it only in the noon, round 10.
    Also got other times hallucinations while being totally stoned.
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