Can buds get too dry?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by tublovin, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. tublovin

    tublovin Registered

    Found the local Hanf House over the weekend! I'm pretty stoked about that. Figured I'd try what they had. You can buy a small duftsackli for 16 swiss francs and a big ass bag for 99. The big bag must have 2 pounds in it! Its like a damn pillow it was so freaking big!

    I bought a small one caus I want to check it out before buying the pillow. :p Anyway, theres some decent buds in it. Lot of seeds and some stems. Not the choicest, but for 10 bucks who cares!

    When I lit up a bowl I got nothing... NOTHING off it. Maybe the slightest buzz I've felt. I think I've buzzed harder smoking a cigar.

    Is it possible that the weed was just too old and dry? There was a lot of shake in the bag, and it was a bit on the crunchy side.

    The girl behind the counter tried selling me a little glass pig with 3 very choice looking buds inside. But it was 80 francs and I didn't have that much on me. I'm thinking I either got a really crappy bag or the shit just is way too old to have anything left. Is that possible?

    Peace Out.
  2. dog420

    dog420 Registered+

    Naaa i dont think ya can get weed that is too dry,,,dryer the better i say,,,ya dont want it wet or damp


    (ps I could be wrong :p)
  3. maryjanemama

    maryjanemama Registered+

    Weed can absolutely be too dry! It will just crumble apart and you'll end smoking and smoking and getting no where. Take your weed, seal it up in something air tight with some pieces of bread. The weed will absorb the moisture in the bread. Leave it overnight and smoke it tomorrow.
  4. tublovin

    tublovin Registered

    Thanks, MJmama!

    I just knew it had to be too dry. Crackling between your fingers and in the bowl is not the way to enjoy those buds. Going to try to get them some moisture and see how the smoke up.

    Can I eat the bread then too. ;)
  5. gmantoker

    gmantoker Registered

    hey i find bags in my room all the time and the buds burn in like 2 or 3 hits outa my bowl so i just take the bag and put a orange peel in it just about a 1"/1" square in a 1/8 of bud. Dont put much more than that in it or it will get soggy way to soggy and it take forever to get it to start to burn. but this always helped my bags and gave a lil extra flavor.
  6. dazedfromthehaze

    dazedfromthehaze Registered

    If its picked recently, and is still really moist, you can get ripped, because when you buy an ounce, and let it dry, and you have 17 grams, it kinda pisses you off. Especially when you paid more than usual, and end up getting less.
  7. smokey

    smokey Registered+

    sounds to me like u got females n males if there is bud and seeds in it mixed in together n if u got nothin from it dont buy no more must be real shit weed
  8. david420

    david420 Registered

    males dont give u buds.. they give u seeds.. weed tastes bad when its too dry... better when its a bit but nto too moist..
  9. tublovin

    tublovin Registered

    Thanks again, guys. Guess you can tell I'm a smoker, not a grower. I guess the Swiss can make a kick ass watch, but they just can't get their weed to the same standard. :p

    Yeah... and I guess spending as little as I did for the bag I bought probably taught me something too. Here I was so wanting to buy that 99 franc bag, just because of how damn big it was! I swear it weighs 2 pounds. :eek:
  10. WeedLacer

    WeedLacer Registered

    ...well did you seriously expect a pillow size bag full of weed for $10 to be good?

    P.S. i think the europeans try to take advantage of americans..or people that dont speak fluent dutch
  11. dog420

    dog420 Registered+

    dont think so......
  12. dog420

    dog420 Registered+

    ....and wot u mean getting nowhere???? my weed is always dry and can crumble by pinching it and its "glue ur ass to da sofa/damage" kinda weed!!! id rather hav it DRY than WET/DAMP as WET/DAMP weed will cost ya big bucks!!
  13. ermitonto

    ermitonto Banned

    I don't think the wetness or dryness of the weed has anything to do with THC content, although whenever I get shitty shwag it's usually dryer than the Sahara. But that isn't to say I haven't had some premium bud that was on the dry side before.
  14. DirtyB2525

    DirtyB2525 Registered+

    Ive found bomb ass buds in my truck that were like 4 months old in my hiding spot(a place i would never forget, oppsss....) and it did nothing. Ive found old weed looses strength. is that true?? Ive been a smoker for about 8 years and thats alwayts been the story.
  15. tublovin

    tublovin Registered

    The pillow sized bag was 99 francs. The $10 bag was only about the size of your typical sandwich bag. It was pretty full, and I didn't bother to weigh it.

    Actually, I've heard that the duftsackli is supposed to be a great way to get cheap buds. That's why I had to try it. Since Switzerland decriminalized weed, it's pretty easy to get and you can't get busted for smoking it. I've even seen people growing it outside on their patio.

    For $10, I don't think I could go wrong. I bought a bag hoping it was going to be some great buds, and it wasn't. I do have the seeds though, and I'm planning on having my own little plants growing out on the patio. :D

    Should be a nice summer.
  16. StonedRock

    StonedRock Registered

    old buds

    i've smoked old buds and still get buzzed out,:thumbsup: but better fresh i guess.
  17. StonedRock

    StonedRock Registered

    how do you get the buds tight though.
  18. burnable

    burnable Registered+

    one problem with buying dry bud is that when it's dry, the dealer can get away with selling you a sack that doesn't weigh enough, but since it's dry it looks like the same volume as good bud and if you don't weigh it yourself you get a seriously shorted bag. It's okay to buy dry bud, it just needs to look like more than it actually is
  19. LIP

    LIP Banned

    There is ALOT of people on here who havnt got a clue what they're talking about.
  20. potsmokingnome

    potsmokingnome Registered+

    I use to do the whole apple peal to add moisture to my dry bud when i got some. But I have stoped doing that cause adding moisture to weed doesn't really sound like a good idea, and it fucks with the bud, but thats just my oppiono. If you get a lot of weed for 10 bucks or francs or whatever chances are its going to be low grade last year crap. Ya get what you pay for, and no amount of slices of bread in your weed is going to help the qaulity of your high! so just don't buy cheap bud and expoect its going to be a good smoke...

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