Can I clone from flowering plant

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by Mrsinn, Oct 23, 2012.

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    My plants are in an advanced stages of flowering and they are the best i've had yet. So good in fact that I would love to take a few clones from them.

    Would this be possible from a flowering plant?
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    Look up revegging. I think you might have better luck with that. There's a search bar at the upper right hand corner of the screen right above advanced search. Type in revegging and you will get a bunch of threads.
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    asexual plant production/cloning ?

    Mrsinn..Basically in Horticulture we asexual (clone in Veg-stage) is when the plant is green growing growth stage and limber,v
    in the flower stage the plant even indoor the plants are bit wooding and if you decide to give a try do it in the first 3-4 before
    the plants start to bud and use a Professional Horticulture rooting powder like Hormex and use a Hardwood strength to root (Hormex No. 3 or 5) Hormex cloning stuff comes both in rooting solution or powder. It works good with a cloning bed using clean sand or perlite with a humidity dome and mister...Take a look at Botanicare they offer 4 samples items from thier growing supplies of your choice for a low fee of just 4$/$16 (you will need a Paypal account tho.I am happy to answer any question,,been growing since 72 ( If you clone from Flowering, just skip the vege stage and give the plant 60-74 days when when flowering

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    yea its very possible. The only problem is that Flowering clones are reaaaallllyyy stubborn to root and sometimes take as long as 2-3 weeks before roots develop. You also have to re veg them and go through a few weeks of funky growth before they will be ready to flower again. Plants revert back to the early stages of seedling growth, thats why they grow 1 bladed leaves, followed by three bladed, then five, then seven, ect. The funky growth is the plant restarting its natural growth habits, length of photoperiod(light cycle) stimulates hormones that tell a plant to either grow flowers.......or grow leaves.

    It extends the veg time of a plant by weeks, but when it comes to saving a strain.........they will survive.........
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