Can i clone in flower?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by GetThisOrDie, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. GetThisOrDie

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    I have a lady that is about 5 weeks into flowering and I was wondering if I could clone her this late? I originally planned on harvesting her then trying to put her back into veg but if I can clone now that would make things easier and save me time.

    Any advice would be appreciated!! thank you.
  2. Hennessy1414

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    When it's flowering it's spending all of it's time on growing buds...not shoots and leaves. It's too late mate :( Cut them when their vegging :thumbsup:
  3. VapedG13

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    you can but then they have to root them 3-4 week,,,, then they have to re-veg another 2 -3 weeks....Its alot harder to get buds to root because the stems are woody not soft like when in veg

    Why dont you re-veg the entire plant.....when its done cut off all the top buds and leave some small inner lower branches and buds.... then change your light back to 24/7.... about 2 weeks later sticks/limbs will grow out of your buds......atleast you know you wont loose your strain this way
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  4. Greenthing

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    You can regenerate a plant after flowering my mate has done it.:hippy::)
  5. drudown11

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    Yeah you sure can clone it. I just cloned some of mine and they were 5 weeks into flower. It took me 7-10 days to root them. They only thing is you have to wait a little longer to re veg because the nugs will still be on top and it takes them a while to grow shoots,.

    Just keep them alive and have a little patience.
  6. Hennessy1414

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    I have always wondered about this advice. I wonder if all (if not most) could successfully survive a reveg (as in provides healthy clones ect ect.) To me it seems that the plant might become unstable and throw off wacky clones. I'm not saying that happens with ALL strains, but I'm just saying is you might need a certain strain to successfully pull it off time and time again :thumbsup:

    can anyone throw some insight into this?
  7. F1SEEDS

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    hi guys

    hi guys

    u can take a cutting from a flowering plant but itll take 3/4 weeks to take(not 7-10 days) as the plant must revert back to vegative growth before any shoots can grow.

    and yes u can re-veg a plant after its flowering period but man it takes time like 5/6 weeks before there is any growth worth taking for a cutting....and do rememmber leave some bud on the plant as thats where the new growth comes from!

    peace and love
  8. headshake

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  9. F1SEEDS

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    good day man

    well sorry to here that i got it wrong man i struggle to take cuttings from veg plants in 7- 10 days so if u can get a 5wk 12/12 plant to take in that time u must be really special lol i was just giving my experience man

    also if u have re-vegged before u know that the first 3/4 inches of growth is very messy not good for cutting so u have to wait for gud plant matter to use!

    if there is one thing ive learnt is that all of wot we are q each other about takes time!:D

    peace and love

  10. Rusty Trichome

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    Sure I can...Check my signature for the Bonsai Re-veg thread.

    I've never met a lady I couldn't re-veg, and have two of 'em going right now. Sativa doms can be tricky in my veg closet though, because of the lack undergrowth near the base of the plant, making it necessarily taller than I'd like. My 400w light only extends about 3 feet or so, causing the lowest foot or so to die-back a tad.

    But not only are the re-veggers the top performers from my last grow, but the re-vegged ladies are sorta like giant, rooted clones, and they'll provide as many shoots as I could ever use. Since they are from a plant of known quality and favorable growth habits, (the best representation of the strain) there are no surprises down the line. Instructions are in the thread.

    Shoots good enough for successful cloning within the month.

    Any guesses what happens to a light-poisoned hermaphrodite after re-vegging? :jointsmile:
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  11. F1SEEDS

    F1SEEDS Registered+

    :thumbsup:i agree with u man

    but can i ask why u would have a hermy plant in ur grow they are totally useless man! but i guess it would go even more hermy man lol

    peace and love

  12. GetThisOrDie

    GetThisOrDie Registered+

    Wow thanks for all the posts guys! I just really dont want to lose these genetics on this lady... she is a medical strain from Baltimore and was one of 6 females out of 8 seeds that cracked. The other 5 girls are growing outdoors and will be done within a week or two so I figured this one that I have indoors would be a better choice for clone.
    She is a tad taller than I wanted but her other traits are excellent. She has a strong smell of coffee as she grows and now her buds are smelling like hot chocolate almost... and she is has taken so much stress and still a solid and strong girl. From being over watered, under watered, heat stress, burned by a bulb that accidently fell on her, root bound, rough transplants, late LST' name it and shes grown through it and thrived! Must...Keep...Her!

    Going to try and take two clones off right now and try them in hydro and if that doesnt work I will definitely re-veg her.

    Any advice on what to try and get the clones to root in if im going to put them in hydro?
    All I have is hydroton... Should i just try to get them to root in the baskets with hydroton?

    Going to try and take some pics of her with my phone since I cant find the cable to my cam.
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  13. GetThisOrDie

    GetThisOrDie Registered+

    Ok here is some pics with my phone. Crappy quality sorry. Any tips while you guys are looking would be nice... Kind of off topic of the thread i know. Anybody know why the leaves point up like that sometimes? Its like they are trying to get to the light or something...

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  14. GetThisOrDie

    GetThisOrDie Registered+

    here is another pic to show the size of the fan leaves with my hand behind it... I have large hands :thumbsup:

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  15. Rusty Trichome

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    Might want to reconsider pulling clones off the flowering lady. For two reasons...First, they are difficult to root, and unless you've had success before, they are finicky and slow. Second, it may stress the plant too much when removing branches substantial enough to clone.

    Personally, I'd wait and do the re-veg thing. Tiz fairly simple.

    Actually, I light poison a lady or two on occation to get her to shoot-out some 'male' flowers. I then pollinate a sister or two, and collect the resultant seeds in about 5 or 6 weeks. They call these "femmed" or "feminized" seeds. Instead of disposing of the lady, I use the 'bonsai' technique in my signature, and re-veg her. (or them)

    Anyway, the light poisoned "hermie" as you call it, reverts back to being a plain-old lady. Clones are fine, (no nanners) and so is she. I have some mighty fine genteics, and have never had problems, as all strains I have grown or heard of, have the inherant ability to self-reproduce. Bad genetics hermie uncontrollably. Normal genetics need forcing by someone that knows what they are doing and why. :thumbsup:
  16. GetThisOrDie

    GetThisOrDie Registered+

    Thanks all for the posts... Rusty, I am going to take your advice and use your "bonsai" re-veg technique. Sounds simple enough and you say you have mucho success with it.

    Also reading about your hermies and reverting them and what not... thats just amazing!
    Im sure glad there are people who experiment like that with our favorite plant...You need to tell me more about that whole process. Also about how to properly light poison.
  17. F1SEEDS

    F1SEEDS Registered+

    glad to hear

    glad to hear that u know wot ur going to do man:thumbsup:

    breeding useing a hermie plant is not always the best road man ...a male gives the most inportant part of a new strain.

    i have tested some seeds that have been grown this way and if there is some light leaks the new offsping might react and give out some male buds.:(

    id advice that if u want to make seeds do it the proper way male x female.

    a hermie plant holds hermaphrodite genes no matter how u produce the male pollen so there is always that chance....i have been reading some of SOMAs way to get male pollin ...u let the plant go 2 extra weeks in 12/12 and if she puts out a male sack that is used to make seeds.(my next test)

    thats wot i think any way man

    peace and love

  18. Rusty Trichome

    Rusty Trichome Registered+

    Quite the newbie statement. Good job. (but you're wrong) Your assesment that this can only be done with 'hermie' genetics is laughable and lacking. The pollen on the donor plant isn't male pollen, it's female pollen.

    Since you obviously you have no experience femming seeds or manipulating the reproduction process, doubtful you should comment on the technique. Especially when there are some in here that are familiar with the process, and use the technique with great success.

    Overmaturing a plant is a hit-or-miss technique that follows the same rationale of "stress her till she nuts-up". (over-ripening causes the plant sterss) Can also be done with chemicals, hormones, steroids, ph fluctuations...but those techniques are, in my opinion, a good way to potentially damage the genes.

    Please, tell me in detail how SOMA's purposefully over-ripened nanners are different than nanners from a purposefully light poisoned plant. I'm all ears. :jointsmile:
  19. F1SEEDS

    F1SEEDS Registered+

    now now

    now now no need to get personal man .....:(

    firstly i advice against useing hermi plants to produce seeds! thats wot ur doing!

    secondly ive probibly got more grow exsperiance than u man ....cheeky u. lol

    thirdly feminised seeds are a mith man they are not the way to go if u are breeding strains true. .. but i guess u know that!

    a feminzed seed is not %100 female so where does the male part come from if there is no male genes??

    i know wot i know ....the aswer is wot do u know......dont tell me everything lol

    come on man to just say that im totally wrong is wrong on ur part .......................i was going to put wot ive learned to good use but ill just let u make ur own mistakes

    peace and love


    ps .if u light stress the offspring of ur hermi cross they will produce male sacks i know this as ive tryed and tested it!
    dont think ill waiste any more time with fem x fem seeds.
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  20. sunbiz1

    sunbiz1 Banned

    This is a great thread as I am in the same boat. I need to save 2 different flowering strains as well.

    Thanks to all that have taken the time to input,


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