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  1. 1stimegrower

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    ive heard molassas is good for plants, Why??? What exactly does it do ??? i know there are alot of poats about this subject but...
    all everyone says is you get heavier buds... i need to know why
    this happens, and whether or not i can just spray the leaves and buds with it??? sorry if this is the wrong forum, i didnt know where
    to post it . Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    ps Dont you thinkthis stuff should be in the FAQ area STINKY???

    Just asking , so get your fnger off that ban button!! LOL
  2. stinkyattic

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    Don't spray molasses on your leves or buds- it will dry to a sticky mess, and plants can't use it that way. It must be taken up through the roots.
  3. 1stimegrower

    1stimegrower Registered+

    thats only half an answer stinky, whatabout the rest of my post???
    and please tell me how you would do it ? (hypothetically of course)
  4. rhizome

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    This has all been covered again and again and again- search for mollasses.

    It's not Stinky's job to do basic research for you.

    If you want a faq entry, do the damn research and type it up- or, for $100 per hour, 1 hour minimum, I'll do it for you.
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  5. stinkyattic

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    molasses=cheap safe carbon source.
  6. 1stimegrower

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    well arent you a real sweet heart ! i really dont care if you are the
    owner of this sight, you dont have to be a dick abut it! i have done
    some research through the message boards and the FAQ and if you had taken the time to actually read my post you would have seen where i said that!!! i was hoping to get some scintific study or somthing! not just (duh it makes fat buds)! I also know that you are a very smart and respected person on this sight but you need to chill out a little bit dude, it was just a question! you really dont have to get all bent out of shape. its all good, if you dont like my post then
    dont reply to it!!!!!!
  7. PharmaCan

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    Rhizome's a good guy. We all get in a mood once in awhile. :jointsmile:

    Do you know that there is a search function way up in the top bars on these pages?

    Anyhoo - here's a couple of links to threads that should answer all your questions.

    Enjoy :thumbsup:

    PeaCe :smokin:
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  8. 1stimegrower

    1stimegrower Registered+

    coool, thanks pharmacan i was a little annoyed with his
    comments this morning i kinda think it was uncalled for
    but i appreciate the steer in the right direction.

    Have a great evening !!
  9. elway07

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    ist time- Yeah you will find a lot of good info on the second thread she sent you. It's mine! LOL Seriously, there is a lot there. If you have any more questions about it, you can post a response to that thread and I will try to help you out as much as I can.
  10. 1stimegrower

    1stimegrower Registered+

    right on bro, i appreciate it! i did read it and i got the info i needed
    i think?? so carbon from the molassas makes the buds grow better
    and more resin thats a GOOD thing! I read about your nanna
    on your clones, but that close to harvest it really shouldnt hurt
    your crop much. at least thats what i gather from what ive read
    i hope everything turns out ok bro! Have a good one!

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