Can I LST during flowering???

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by tha_green_ghost, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. tha_green_ghost

    tha_green_ghost Registered+

    I was just wondering if I could still LST my plant. It is rather early in flowering and my top canopy seems to shade lower/young growth.
    thnx in advance
  2. gainesvillegreen

    gainesvillegreen Registered+

    You can, but you will need to be more careful. Don't tie them all the way horizontal and make sure that you don't tie the very tops any lower than other points on the plant.
  3. cwesto

    cwesto Registered+

    Right, what u r trying to achieve is better light penetration to lower parts of the plant, not LST. U r not trying to produce more grow tops. U could bend the branches to open areas, but be very careful as the stems get stiffer during flowering and hence less flexible. U should be fine tho. And heed Gainesville's advice on keeping the buds no lower than any other parts of ur plant, becuase the buds need alot of light
  4. Rock.Steady

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    i find mine a lil easier to bend if i give em a shower first.
    i tie em down in veg and 1st couple weeks of flower.
    i wouldnt do it too far into flower, but if its early you should be fine.
    the blue russian didnt get tied til flower, she's in 3rd week and i re-tied her last week.

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