can i make hash out of my leafs?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by dankkevin, Sep 22, 2008.

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    okay i went to my plant which is in its 3rd week of flowering. i cut some of the leafs with red stems on.. the ones that just grow out with no nug on them or anything. They are ni the freezer right now. I am trying out the ice blender and mesh screen way. Will it work.? do those leafs have thc on them
    i know the 3 week nugs have thx in them because i picked one off and microwaved it and got pretty faded. thanks for reading
    happy toking
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    doesnt sound like youve been reading as much as you should be. i noticed about 3 different things you did wrong, that you should not have done. first off, NEVER cut off a leaf that is not dead. the plant needs them to take in the energy from the sun. secondly, no, the big fan leaves do not contain enough of THC for you to make hash out of. and lastly, NEVER microwave your pot! even if your picking a tiny bud early to see if it gets you high, the actual Micro Waves are destroying the THC and other cannabanoids, and leaving you with a harsh, terrible tasting product.:wtf::wtf:
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    You can make honey oil out of them. I dry mine in the oven for about a half hour at 200 degrees. And then put them through a coffee grinder and then make BHO honey oil out of them.
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    hey, yea you can make hash out of the fan leaves however you will need a lot of them, but also not just fan leaves. you need the leaves from around the bud that is covered with crystals. i did it with my plant that was 6 or 7 weeks into flowering.. you should wait

    i did the blender method which, to my suprise worked pretty well...... however i saw a lot more trichs then i actually got for hash, but it has to be a problem that im making... because the serperated beautifully....

    your gonna need a lot of leaves though. so wait until your just about to harvest so you can manicure it first since it will make it easier later on, and of course make hash with it
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    I aggressively & intensively defoliate throughout the plant's life to expose new growth sites. Then again, I like growing BUDS. Maybe you're interested in starting a leaf plantation.

    A lil' proof - this girl is less than (3) weeks into bloom, & look at all the blossoming bud-sites, tight internodes, etc. ... oh, and the Super-Specialized strain which I'm growing is ... BrickWeed-BagSeed !!!


    Go ahead & defol, Bro ... but seriously, stay away from that microwave!
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    I guess that I did mis-speak. What I meant was expose shaded growth areas to all the light possible. It encourages explosive internodal growth! I HAD a control plant, but it was lagging so far behind that I defoliated it, as well. I'll try to get more pics tonight (My Girls' day).

    This is one of the many tutorial/defol-proponent sites: (Experienced Growers Only) Controversial Defoliation Increases Marijuana Yields | Grow Weed Easy

    Check it out. I don't really know all of the Why's & How's of defoliating's effectiveness, but I do know that, with very few exceptions, it has always paid off for me - even outdoors, where it is REALLY not endorsed. Who knows? ... maybe I'm the Real Jack the Stripper or Budward Scissorshands ... or even the infamous Bilderberg-er infiltrator Agent Orange ... ad nauseum :stoned:
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    Just that I've had fair luck with bud sites growing even in the shade. Lot of shade in my SOG. DSCN0654 (640x480).jpg

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    ... um, yeah, ...

    You could beat a Mastodon to death with that Club !!!

    I'll see if I can Scorch mine into compliance :thumbsup:
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    ... the ONLY kind of cat ;)
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    Doubt if I could do any physical damage, but I could f##k him up!!

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