can i plant seeds from my bud?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by funky not a junky, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. funky not a junky

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    Hey quick question, can i plant the seeds from the bud that i get to smoke? Like if i picked up a gram of weed could i just use some of the seeds that i find in the bag of bud that i bought? not like buyin specific seeds. Thanks
  2. enthused

    enthused Registered+

    yeh i suppose so if they are healthy and such
  3. funky not a junky

    funky not a junky Registered+


    thanks. oh do they have to be like male or female or anything or something special? Im a n00b with planting
  4. yeah, you can grow 'em.... but success cannot be gauranteed....

    just plant them and take care fo them, it'll be a while before you could tell if they're male or female...
  5. funky not a junky

    funky not a junky Registered+

    ok ya can you explain the difference between male and female? All i know is that plants=lots of weed. I dont know the different qualities of males and female plants
  6. i'm not too educated on plants, but i know you don't want males, males = shit in thc content, you want unfertilized females, like i said plant them and take care of them, it'll be awhile before you would even know what you got anyways.... i suggest you do some research on growing first, so you know what to look for when, and so on... you might also want to take this thread to the growing section.
  7. funky not a junky

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  8. Storm Crow

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    Sweetie, go buy the best seeded pot you can find and use those seeds. Males have football shaped flowers, females have 2 little hairs (usually white) making a "V". Fluoros work fine for indoor grows. "Bag seed" does have a few risks- hermies as an example, if the seeds were fertilized by a hermie plant ( a female with some male flowers) you will get a high % of females, but some of them will be hermies. Hermies are bad if you want to grow seedless bud. However, they are a survival trait in the wild. Go and grow your seeds, kid. Bag seed isn't as good (usually) as the name brands, but there is NOTHING like smoking your own home-grown!
  9. Euphoric

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    of course u can plant them r tard
  10. Th3 sand m4n

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    Hey no offence but growing takes a fair amount of knowledge while any one can do it you still have to know something or your first crop will die. You made the right choice of growing bag seed for your first try because chances are you will not see any bud. my advice to you is to go research it and read every thing you can on these boards. Gl man.
  11. buddymyfriend

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    Bag seeds are perfect for a first time grow, ya dont wanna be forking out loadsa dollas only to fuck up your crop. Read, read and then read some more. Remember knowledge is POWER!


  12. Nochowderforyou

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    Yes, of course you can plant the seeds you find in your bag. Where do you think seed banks get their seeds from? From a BUD! :p

    Sex is determined throughout the development in life. There are no male or female seeds. If you stress a plant out (eg. light leaks, fert burn), there is a good chance you will get a male plant (started from seed).

    Male's produce no flowers (buds). Instead, they produce poooen sacks that contain no THC. Growing a male plant is next to pointless as you get so little, and wasting light life, exaust life, fan life, etc...on growing a male is silly. You start over and try again.

    A female plant is what you want. They grow the floers (buds) that we all love and smoke. Take extra special care of your plant while growing with little to no stress, and your chances of getting a female increase. Keep in mind there is only a 50/50 chance of male and female, so I suggest starting more than 1 seed at a time.

    Do some research on the basics of growing. It's really not that hard. All you need is the light times for the veg. or flowering stage, and what to feed them, and of course simple lighting to use, that's all really.

    Start on one stage and move up to the next. Start with Germination of the seed, then when you have successfully finished that stage, then read about the veg stage, once you have finished that, then move onto the next, and so on.

    Good luck.
  13. az666

    az666 Registered+

    I completly agree!!

    Plant your bag seed
    See what how you could improve your grow
    you never know, you might be lucky (or a natural) first time grower.

    My only advise would be to not grow (indooors ;)) if your living at home
    and tell no-one
  14. jamstigator

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    Pshaw, if you read up and do your homework, there's no reason not to use good genetics for a first grow. I had no probs, personally, flowered a bit early, but still got six ounces the first grow, not a prob. And good genetics don't need to cost a ton either: Nirvana standard, $1.50 a seed or thereabouts. I mean, even if you fail, fifteen bucks down the drain shouldn't kill you. If a fifteen dollar loss WOULD wipe you out, you shouldn't start growing at all. Hell, you probably shouldn't be smoking either! ;)

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