Can i replace alcohol with weed?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by AnrewCalifornian, Feb 6, 2017.

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    I used to be an alcoholic but it was killing my body so I switched to weed about five months ago and have been a heavy smoker ever since. I also suffer from panic disorder and agoraphobia and over the last few months it has gotten worse, to a point where I can no longer go anywhere and have not even set foot in so much as a gas station. Unfortunately there are things I must leave the house to do or I will lose my car, and any future chance of freedom I have. I am sincerely hoping quitting weed will help the anxiety. It is just so hard. Does it get easier? Does it get better? Right now I feel like I have lost any sense of joy in life. Like life is absolutely terrible without it. Is it worth it? Will the anxiety improve? It did last time I quit, but whose to say it even will improve this time? How did you guys handle all of the anger and agitation without it?? Sorry for the long ramble, does anyone have any insight or advice here?
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    I suggest somehow finding peace within yourself, and not expecting some external cause such as medication to make it happen.
    Panic disorder and agoraphobia are real problems, but they are not coming from the libations that you take, they are coming from something deep inside of you. You appear to be using alcohol and weed as a crutch, and as a way of avoiding your problems and even justifying your anger... and now in your desperation you have switched the role and are now expect quitting the pot is going to take away the very same anxiety that you smoked it to avoid. Do you not see how desperately delusional this is? The pot has nothing to do with the problem, but now you are blaming it. You talk about the need to quit the pot, but yet think you can't handle life without it.
    Get help my friend. It does get better and it does get easier. If you somehow think that you need pot or alcohol to "handle" all of your anger and agitation, you desperately need professional help. Please seek it. Personally, I suggest you look into meditation and/or Buddhism to find your center. Who or whatever is causing so much anger in your life needs to be dealt with by facing your obstacles and challenges and defeating them. Stay away from recreational drugs and alcohol for a while. You are self diagnosing and medicating, first without a license, and second with no chance to look at your situation objectively, and as a result, you sound crazy.
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    Well, that was a little harsh.
    But I have to agree with Em.

    You don't "sound crazy" to me.
    You sound like a person that needs professional help.
    A crutch is meant to be a temporary assist.
    Dump the crutch as soon as you can, and address the root problems if you want to turn this around and spend the rest of your life standing on your own.

    Aloha, and good luck,
    Wee 'zard
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    Larry is a problem that could be kept out of our forums if some common sense safeguards were put into place. 90% of the Larrys could be eliminated by restricting all new members to post first in an introductory forum, and for these prospective members to have to achieve some small level of peer review, ie 3 positive ratings or some similar system, before they could be allowed to post to the general forum areas. That is how I would do it anyway... not sure what management here has in mind.
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    Apparently, traffic is traffic. :cool:

    Had a couple folks mention in another forum, that they'd bailed on their previous forum because it seemed to always be under attack.
    I wonder if it was this one.
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    I am convinced that every time a mass spamming like this happens we lose good people. Some never come back. The sad thing is the other boards are also attacked just as this one is... this one just has not put the safeguards in to stop it, because as you said, traffic is traffic. Sort of shows where we stand as active posters, doesn't it?
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