can i smoke weed with bronchitis???

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by 408calidank408, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. 408calidank408

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    sup guys i went to the doctor a couple days ago and he told me i have a very common case of acute bronchitis, but i fuckin forgot to ask him if could smoke weed while i have it!!! I'm supposed to go to a concert tonight with my boys and I KNOW if i go ima end up blazing.

    I dont feel all that bad, aside from, a little tightness in the chest, and some coughing here and there, most of the bad symptoms have left all ready but I DEFINITELY dont wanna make this shit any worse

    so if any one could tell me from personal experience or otherwise if smoking while you have bronchitis is good or bad or neithr PLEASE DO SO!!!!
  2. BlAzInIt4:20

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    you can smoke weed...

    But you shouldn't could make it worst and the congestion could get even worse.. all that flem.. eww

    I just got over bronchitis.. not a good situation.. drink some whiskey kill the germs..
  3. MadSativa

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    no, allow your respiratory system to heal properly, eat your medication if necessary, but don't smoke when you have a respiratory health problem.
  4. a cloud of marijuana

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    It would be good for you to eat cannabinoids, or THC/cannabis.

    If you just started eating cannabis, you could probably stop taking your other medication.

    It is a powerful anti-inflammatory, and it will widen up your airways too. Make it a bit easier to breath.

    Try it out.

    Oh, and don't smoke.

    Get better soon.
  5. MPLSweedman

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    i just got over bronchitis, i definitely cut back on smoking cigarettes but not really with bud.. haha

    they gave me a prescription for robitussin AC so i didnt need to smoke much anyways
  6. StickyfingahZ

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    I am getting over Pneumonia,I had bronchitis and kept smoking.Well,I have chronic Brohnchitis,I get it every year.First time it went to pneumonia.I been vapeing all week though.
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  7. filo6942

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    I was warned if I smoked with bronc, that I would risk getting a permanent ailment. Such as emphysizma (sp?). Dont do it, just heal up first. Go for edibles!!
  8. a cloud of marijuana

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    ya, it's not good for you for many reasons. but, cancer, and i think emphysema are not ones to worry about concerning smoking cannabis.

    Cannabinoids tend to protect tissues from damage in a way. Essentially by modulating the cell cycle.
  9. the image reaper

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    smoking with bronchitis could probably kill you, it's that risky ... the good news, it can go away ... I had acute bronchitis for a couple years, and I recovered enough, no probs smoking now ... there's always cookies and brownies :D good luck :thumbsup:

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