Can I tell what sex my plant is when it's in a veg. state?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Hazemaster, May 10, 2007.

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    My plants are two months old, can I tell if they are female without cloning them or do they have to start to flower first in order to tell? I've heard of pre-flowers? Just wondering if I can take the whole clone to find sex step out of the process, I'd like to just take cuttings from a plant that I know is female if it's possible. THANKS!!
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    preflowers will eventually show up, usually the main cola shows sex before the rest of the plant does, or you can induce flower and find the females and then set them back to 18/6 until you see new growth.
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    Can you tell me where I can find a picture of a preflower in a veg state? THANKS!
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    Here is a mature preflower of one of my plants , it is the thing with the two white hairs comming out of it in the center of the picture. Taken a couple weeks ago.

    Female and Male preflowers both start out looking similar, and they form where the branches split at , the first ones usually appear near the middle of the plants at first. Female preflowers kinda resemble a teardrop and eventually will grow 1-2 hairs comming out of them. While male preflowers resemble a "ball on a stick" and will grow in patches of more then one. Dont ever kill a plant until you see the telltell signs of male preflowers growing in groups of 2 or more next to each other. As a plant gets more mature when it is in veg for a long time a plant will show lots of preflowers and are very easy to determine sex by. The first preflowers start usually forming when a plant reaches maturity.
    (when the plants nodes start alternating instead of forming in pairs it has reached maturity usually takes around 2 months from seed for a plant to reach sexual maturity)

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    Yes, in a way....

    I have a grow cabinet and a grow closet. When I top my seedlings (under 24/7), I put the cuttings into water and put them under 12/12. They will get preflowers well before the seedlings show. Also, males tend to have a longer internode spacing. I've been right about plant's sex about 80% of the time just by looking at them and following my instincts. If they are tall and lanky, they are more likely males. - Granny:hippy:
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    preflowers show up around the 4-5 week of veg growth... if you cant tell now you can flower and in a few weeks you will know... and then you can do your thing:stoned:

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