Can I vape THC Tincture that I purchased from a dispensary

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by solar2504, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. solar2504

    solar2504 Registered+

    Hi, I purchased some Tincture from my local dispensary and I was wondering if I can vape this stuff with my electronic cigarette mod. Here is a photo of the tincture:


    I was going to mix it with a little bit of pure VG to thicken it up a bit but I'm afraid to try it, I wanted to get some opinions on this first.

    Any insight n this would be appreciated, thanks!
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  2. solar2504

    solar2504 Registered+

    The ingredients listed on the bottle are as follows:

    organic extra virgin pure coconut oil
    organic vegetable glycerin
    xantham gum
    dextrose sodium benzoate
    light corn syrup
    natural flavorings

    I was planning on using an ego twist battery with a Kanger protank to vape.
  3. Shovelhandle

    Shovelhandle Registered+

    no, don't vape this
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  4. Chrizzz

    Chrizzz Registered+

    I've read that you can mix the THC oil with a non nicotine E-Lquid and smoke it in a E-Tank like a Halo Triton.

    I'd be curious to know WHY you wouldn't recommend it ?

    Are most THC oils placed in food or drink ?
  5. solar2504

    solar2504 Registered+

    Yeah the reason I haven't done it is because I'm concerned about the affects of inhaling the coconut oil and sugar vapor. I don't want to drop dead after the first hit, haha.
  6. Chrizzz

    Chrizzz Registered+

    Maybe you should have a few drops in a cup of herbal tea. It sounds like that would be more fitting or does it dilute when mixed with another liquid ?

    Ask the dispensary how they recommend using it.
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  7. solar2504

    solar2504 Registered+

    I hate to be critical of my dispensary, but the people who work there are idiots. It's full of very attractive but very dumb women and the guys only seem to only know about the actual marijuana strains they sell.

    I've already tried drinking it, putting drops under my tongue, rubbing it on the inside of my cheeks, etc... it doesn't really do much. A very very light buzz if anything. It sucks because I paid 30 bucks for it. Live and learn I guess.
  8. tlranger

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    Hate to be a buzz kill, but most tinctures are a health thing.
  9. giggletwig

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    Please don't put this in your e-cig. It will gum up the works and won't vape. Totally the wrong thing to put in there. If it doesn't work well when eaten, the effects would be even less vaping. If you want something for the e-cig specifically, take a look at GrowGoddess's thread "My experience with Rick Simpson Oil".
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  10. rysngsun

    rysngsun Registered+

    Tincture isn't for inhaling. That's a bad idea.
  11. AlisonDiaz

    AlisonDiaz Registered+

    Tincture can be use for cooking or dose under the tongue. But it is not advisable for inhaling.
  12. supadave5000

    supadave5000 Registered+

    Vaping Cannabis Tincture (alcohol)

    Of course you can vaporize this, but you have to have a some gear on hand: a bong, some glass screeens, and an adjustable hot air gun. First, fill the bowl with about 10 of those small, flower-shaped glass screens. Second, set the hot air gun for 600 - 800F. Third, apply hot air to the glass screens in the bowl for 30 - 60 seconds. Forth, apply 5 - 10 drops to the hot glass screens and quickly inhale. (When you exhale, you won't see any vapor.) Not only will this stuff get you high, but it tastes sweet, like candy. Best of all, zero throat irritation. Nada.

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