can labcorp tell quick fix is synthetic?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by likinthatokin, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. likinthatokin

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    I'm leaning toward using the quick fix method; the drinks and even diluting doesn't seem reliable, and I smoked one day recently and heavily a few weeks before that.

    Does anyone know if labcorp will recognize quick fix 5.7 as synthetic? I'm fairly certain I have a good batch, even called to confirm, and I keep hearing that if you get the temp right you're all good. Pre-emp test and I doubt they'll watch, and I have a way to keep the stash hidden in the undies even if they do.

    My only concern is the test result will come back non-human urine. I've seen hundreds of posts saying QF works and only 1-2 claiming the lab saw it as synthetic, also heard only Oregon is really testing for that.

    How sure is Quick Fix?
  2. killerweed420

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    LabCorp or Qwest don't detect QuickFix because they follow protocols to be federally legal. Some of the smaller state labs don't follow protocol.
  3. knottynuff

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    The 1-2 cases that claimed they failed, most likely failed because they used normal Quick Fix (as opposed to Quick Fix with Uric Acid) in or around Oregon. I keep hearing about how Oregon is trying to crack down on the use of synthetic urine, in a nutshell they check for Immunoglobulin in the sample.

    I just used QF and lemme tell ya, IT IS A LIFE SAVER. I would highly recommend using it for any simple pre-employment testing, although I can't say the same for govt. jobs or physical exams. Anyway, I would definately say you're good to go!
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  4. dziendobry4

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    i used some shit from and passed a MedTox drug test (huge company). it's supposedly real, freeze-dried human urine
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  5. Burnt Toast

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    Genetic profiling is not allowed!

    False! Labs practicing in the U.S. are prohibited from doing any form of genetic testing on urine samples collected for a drug test unless authorization is granted by the donor on an entirely seperate and detailed consent form. There are many posts throughout the forum that address the issue of Human Glycoprotein Immunoglobulin G (IgG).
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  6. dianakayc

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    Synthetic Urine is reliable

    I have never used Quick Fix but it is probably the same as the product I use from I buy a kit and it is more expensive than QF I think. I have been using substitution for 4 years and it has never failed me. Last time was 8/25/10. I am on a random drug testing program and am tested 1-3 times per month to keep my job. I go to Lab Corp. I am not observed. I have time during the day to use the heating pad because I find out by 5am and have until 3:30. So if anyone is in this situation that they have some time, I would recommend the urineflow kits but they take about 90-120 minutes to heat to the correct temp. I understand that QF is microwaveable. Hope you find this helpful. I was scared as hell the first time but after about 100 times substituting I am pretty calm. It has never failed me.
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  7. likinthatokin

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    burnt toast and diana, you've eased my mind considerably. I plan to test tomorrow.

    strangely enough I took 2 strip tests after diluting and both came back negative, but soooo faint a line that it made me nervous (though I know that's not supposed to matter, but it shows me I may be hit-or-miss). I can't wait for this to be over and pray that they tell me my results on the spot instead of making me sweat it (does anyone know if Labcorp ever does this???)

    Damn, so which is riskier, chance using my own possibly-clean void or smuggling in the good stuff?
  8. likinthatokin

    likinthatokin Registered

    knottynuff, how do I know if I have "normal Quick Fix" or quick fix with uric acid? I just bought mine recently and it's QF 5.7

    The idea of synthetic urine lacking something they'd notice is what makes me scared to use it. Can anyone clear this up? Does QF 5.7 have uric acid, or whatever it'd need for results to come back clean n' human?
  9. likinthatokin

    likinthatokin Registered

    ok now I'm reading the canadian version has beads of uric acid to add, meant to fool labs around oregon. I'm nowhere near oregon but still freakin.

    As i said my diluted void came up faintly negative twice, so I guess I could add some to the QF for smell and uric acid, but I'd be scared to add much in case I dirty the synthetic...

    BurntToast and Killer420, you seem confident. Is my own diluted or QF 5.7 (not from canada) the way to go?
  10. mascar22

    mascar22 Registered

    dude stop trippin hahaha, its gonna work trust me, right after your test your gonna be laughing
  11. likinthatokin

    likinthatokin Registered

    lol now I'm pissed (no pun) cuz I realize lab's not open sunday... EFF

    mascar they told you you passed right at the test? that'd rock, ha, go home and smoke one!!
  12. mascar22

    mascar22 Registered

    lol, yup, im not gonna lie tho, the stress i went threw this week dunno if im ready to toke again just yet.
  13. dianakayc

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    I understand your worry

    I used to worry all the time about which was worse: getting caught substituting or taking the chance. I have used substitution now so many times with synthetic urine that I feel more confident with that. It is so hard and nerve-wracking the first time but it has worked for me over the years and if you get the temp right and have the amount right (for me it is 50ml), once they seal it up you are good to go. In my situation if I ever leave a dilute specimen then they will next do an observed and then I am fucked. So to avoid a dilute and an observed I use synthetic. As I told you, it has never failed me but believe me I have been a nervous wreck at times. I got over that. I went to this website so many times before I made that choice and it was 2006 that I went for it and ever since I use synthetic. I never get results, no news is good news. I just know that if I don't hear anything within 48 hrs I am good. That is the way I live. You get used to it after a while. Trust me.
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  14. killerweed420

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    Its LabCorp so you have nothing to worry about.
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  15. dianakayc

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    Just an FYI labs are in effect to make money, they use the cheapest testing methods they can. If the first and cheapest test is neg, they go no further. I found that out. So if you are neg and not dilute, you pass on the first time. However they do not let you know and don't ever call to find out, it makes you look guilty. Just turn in your good temp sub sample and you will be fine.
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  16. likinthatokin

    likinthatokin Registered

    ya'll are the BEST. I def won't ask about results, though I'll post when I eventually find out. Thanks for all input!
  17. snaresnapper

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    help please!!

    I'm really nervous. I travel in a florida rock band, and don't really smoke too much. I was at a show and needed to relax a bit, so i took a few puffs and drank 2 beers. it really helped. now i get this great job offer to play in studio but they do urine test!! to weird. but anyway i must, must and did i say must pass. i got the quick fix 5.7 does anyone know anybody who failed on this stuff? so nervous can't sleep or eat. does it really work??
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  18. snaresnapper

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    i heard of two people failing at quest labs in florida in june of this year(2010)
    has anyone else?
  19. lain23

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    I've seen dziendobry4 answer my post months ago and also this one, so I am now going to use ureasample with confidence and stop stressin it. Will post results
  20. lain23

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    Used one of my "real human" powdered kits:

    OPIATES Negative
    P.C.P. Negative
    PH URINE, TOX 6.4

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