can large bong hits give u lung problems?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by sarocket13, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. sarocket13

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    I have heard that taking really large bong hits/holding in hits for a long time can give a person a collapsed lung and other problems. Is this true, and are hits from the bong bad for your health?
  2. 1chronic

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    Well first,

    Holding your hits in for a long time is a waste, almost all the THC is deposited into your blood stream right away, so all holding your hits does is deposit tar in your lungs,

    secondly, no I've never heard of anyone getting a collapsed lung from smoking a bong and I've taken some massive bong hits in my life.

    and thirdly, using a bong is probably the second best way to smoke after a vap because the smoke is filtered through the water which takes out some of the chemicals, so it's not to bad for your health. But smoking weed out of a joint isn't that bad for your health so that sums that up I guess.

    If you have any other questions let me know.
  3. budsmoker

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    only bong that might fuck up your lungs is a gravity bong
  4. stonerman07

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    i've heard that smoking burns your lungs and leaves tar in them. the bong water takes out lots of tar, which is why i tturns that color, but that tar has thc so you have to inhale more of it. so it evens out. but the water cools the smoke, it doesnt take chemicals out, but by cooling it, you dont burn your lungs as bad. hope that helps:hippy:
  5. 1chronic

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    It DOES take chemicals out, just as your post said, tar, and no tar does not contain THC, resin does, it's not the same thing.
  6. User Name Here

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    Yeah, I don't think that will happen. And even though holding it in supposedly doesn't help. I still love that feeling of chronic in your lungs and ghost hitting.
  7. dean0000

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    Smoking anything is going to give you some lung problems if you do it for long enough. The fact that you inhale really deaply with bongs will make the smoke go right to the end of those little sacks in your lungs (cant remember the exact name) more than it would with a pipe or joint. I have took some big bong hits though and im still good.

    I always accept that by smoking it is going to have some affect on my health.
  8. Mountaindewzilla

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    For me, it is just like, fuck it.
    If I get some shit going on with my lungs, I can consume some herb to feel better :D
  9. LuckyG

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    Only hold for six seconds - after that you're just getting crap in your lungs. That's probably one of the most valuable pieces of information I've learned on these forums. :D

    Huge bong hits won't collapse your lungs. Does holding your breath for a long time hurt your lungs? Think about it.
  10. choppile420

    choppile420 Registered+

    Dude.. bong hits are the safest way to smoke weed. The water filters out a shit ton of tar and resin, plus it cools the smoke so it doesnt burn as it goes down. I love the bong, and thats like the only way i smoke, and i always take giant hits.. I love em and i love to hold it in. Although if you take big enough hits and choke on it (swallow the smoke) your in trouble and will prbly start coughing a shit ton, and then either puke, or burp out smoke. I've actually burped out smoke while i was in school once.. I laughed my ass off.

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