Can Male plants be smoked?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Bone Killah, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. Bone Killah

    Bone Killah Registered+

    I know it`s stupid but can they be smoked?And if they can how strong are they (THC level) ? White Widow male iz the case.
  2. GreenGuitar

    GreenGuitar Registered

    Haven't experienced it with my eyes, but I think the pollen from the male flower can be moulded in the palm of the hand until squigy. Hey presto, pollen block. All those moroccans can't be wrong.

    Not sure if, or how to make the males flower, same as females???

    Are there any flowers dude?

    D3STRUCT Registered+

    yeh pollen is a great smoke if you can get enough for a good joint or what can buy little hand held pollen presses from alternative shops got one myself an it works a treat!
  4. Bone Killah

    Bone Killah Registered+

    And whatabout the leaves?can i smoke em and are they strong as females?
  5. GreenGuitar

    GreenGuitar Registered


    Leaves can be used to make butter. Excellent on toast so I'm told. Can get you the recipe if desired.
  6. EddieFudd

    EddieFudd Registered+

    the females are stronger (if you mean in terms of high-ness) i believe
  7. marimbas

    marimbas Registered+

    smoking males leaves you may not even get high... better cook em
  8. llamaman666

    llamaman666 Registered+

    use them to make hash are grind up the pollen sacks and press it, pollen tastes different and gives a weird type of high

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