can the bud grow back again?

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by shiloh, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. shiloh

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    First..please look at the picture 1 and compare to picture 2. the bud on picture 2 does not have the white hair that sticking out like picture 1. because a week ago i had problem with all my plants. the leaves was dying the white thing on the bud is also burnt. Now the plant got lil bit healthier. my concern is will the white thing on the bud grow back again like picture 1? thanks

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  2. Salvein211

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    How far along are you into flowering?

    If I had to guess, it looks like your almost halfway through the flower stage.. Are those pictures of the exact same shoot on the plant? Im thinking you could have a few more white pistals pop out, but defiently not like the first picture.
  3. shiloh

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    flowering start on Aug. 9...about 3 weeks I think. Yes, those are exact same photo shot...taken last nite..without the pistals coming out will the buds grow bigger or it will stay small like it is now?
  4. free2seed

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    Im not a pro or anything but your plants seem similar in size to a friend of mine with the same prob and his grew probably half of what picture one originally had. so I would guess youll gain some back but something is better than nothing. Good luck
  5. shiloh

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    grrrr....free2seed you are not giving me the good news...but its okay atleast you giving me the headsup...anyone else know any trick where i can make the bud bigger?

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