Can u have too many buds on one plant?

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Can u have too many buds on one plant

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  1. Agricola Novos

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    Hey ppl. I have ONE plant, which is about 2 ft tall, and 6 weeks old - i live in the tropics. I have FIM'd and tipped and now it has 16 branch/bud sections. I turned it over the past week (24 hrs black, then 3x 12 hrs black) and it looks great - but as it blooms i seriously dony think every bud will get enough light. I dont know if can clone once u have turned a plant, and i'm not sure how much cutting it now is a good idea
  2. Mass Medicinals

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    Hi Agricola,

    You have a number of questions so we'll go one by one. These are answered in our opinion and are obviously open to debate:

    Too many bud sites on a plant?
    - The bigger you veg your plant the more bud sites it can have. So we wouldn't say you can have too many. The issue comes if you don't properly train the plant. What we mean here is that if you have many bud sites, but the plant isn't trained where they are all getting ample light you're going to waste resources. Scrogging is a great way to maximize the bud sites on a plant and develop a level where light is going to hit the sites evenly.

    24hrs black?
    - Why are you doing this? Once you're ready to transition to flowering, switch to 12/12. We haven't read or seen anything that suggests more darkness at the start middle or end of the flowering is going to improve bloom or buds. Flowering plants need both light and darkness.

    Cloning in flowering?
    - Yes you can do it. Some things you need to realize. Flower clones can take longer to clone. Once you get them rooted they need to go back on 18/6 or 24/0 light schedule. This is basically re-vegging or monster vegging a clone. Typically we have read the best results from re-vegging is to take clones again the revegged plant is big enough. If you don't you risk getting smaller than optimal yields.

    Happy to help with other questions.
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