can vinegar be used if you run out of ph down

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    HAPPYBUDDER Registered

    Just as the title can it be used or will it harm the plants, im using dwc the ph is at 7.3 and i dont have more ph down ?
  2. JackdaWack

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    yea some one told me to use white distilled vinegar
  3. BONG0

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    or use a lemon
  4. JackdaWack

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    i didnt have vinigar to use so i used lemon and it turned my res water an awful color lol. i stick with the store ph up/down, but i ran out so i used it for 1-2days and i changed the res water right after i bought some more ph down. It does work and it didnt have any neg effect.
  5. mountainman

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    Vinegar is fine, since it's pure and has no sugars, just grain based acid. However I would discourage anyone from using lemon as sugars fed straight to the roots can be damaging. I like vinegar in my ph doser because it's the cheapest and easiest solution.
  6. latewood

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    right on...I used vinegar once...

    try to get your phdown asap though. It is much more stable. peace
  7. crazywill

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    Hey all
    I have a frend that works at a water treatment plant and we were talking about PH of hydro and soil.When he ask what I use to PH the water,and I said White Distilled Vinegar.He said excellent,but only white distilled vinegar and bakeing soda its more organic and nice to the plants.The guys 74 yrs
    and 45yrs treating water.This one is cool has a phd and is high up in the brain dept.but dosen't like all the egg heads he went to school with,he sooner hang out with us poeple lower on the food chain.So if he said its ok I'll try it. Well thats my two cents. Peace
  8. latewood

    latewood Banned

    just adding for clarification...vinegar for ph down
    baking soda for ph up.

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