Can Weed Go Bad?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by mstmary, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. mstmary

    mstmary Registered+

    I was just wondering if weed could go bad for any reason? Like if it were to just sit in a baggy for acouple mouths or years? Is there any way to preserve the weed so it lasts longer?
  2. toker85

    toker85 Registered

    i dunno the longer its cured, I heard the danker it is. If its in a baggy i think it will be fine, my friend had 4g of some bud that he forgot about for like 3yrs. and found it when he was moving, he said luckily it came right when there was a drought around 9/11. he said he opened the bag and it was so dank , so im not exactly sure ...
  3. mstmary

    mstmary Registered+

    What do you mean by it was so dank?
  4. toker85

    toker85 Registered

    dank = very good bud
  5. KillaBuzz

    KillaBuzz Registered+

    yes toker is right, if the weed is stored in a sealed bag and doesnt get moldy, it is very very good. same thing happened 2 me n my friend. stored our shitload in a barn n found sum shit 5 yrz us so fuckin stoned. even if theres a lil mold, u can cut it off.
  6. IntrepidS

    IntrepidS Registered+

    Like wine...
  7. tumbleweed

    tumbleweed Registered

    Wine turns to vinegar
    Check for mold
    and it wouldnt be a bad idea to keep it in a airtight
    rubbermade in the freezer
  8. KillaBuzz

    KillaBuzz Registered+

    make sure shez right fuckin air tight if ya do that tho...dunt want no freezer burn
  9. llamaman666

    llamaman666 Registered+

    wine turns to vinegar if eexposed to air, keep it seald, unopend, itll b fine. and i had some bud from wut wasnt a great bag, smoked one when i got it, barely had a buzz. Sorta lost track of it and smoked it 3 months later. DAMN!!!!! it gets better.
  10. bongo

    bongo Registered+

    someone at my school is called dank
  11. geoffrowley19

    geoffrowley19 Registered+

    his name is dank? haha does he smoke?
  12. kimchibanana

    kimchibanana Registered+

    you guys are all wrong weed has a halflife of 1 year

    so half the potency after 1 year
  13. Kronik Bagz

    Kronik Bagz Registered+

    ur all talkin bout weed like its alcohol. sugars an starches ferment into alcohol. weed doesnt get better with age after its been chopped. the THC stops being produced. it doesnt get stronger jus sitting in a bag. if anything it loses potency. the only way i know to make weed last longer is to make good, real, oldfashioned hash. an i dun even know if that lasts much longer than weed but im sure it has less of a chance to get moldy.
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  14. KillaBuzz

    KillaBuzz Registered+

    well we were usin a barn to dry our shit n we fergot a few lil budz on the ground. im tellin yah she wuz way better then the shit we had dried like 4 er 5 yrz b4. i aint talkin bout weed like shez alc, im juss tellin yah wut happened 2 me. the more the budz dry out, the less they weigh, the less the plant material, and the same thc. so u end up wit a higher potency level becuz ov how much plant material iz gone. n i dunno wut yer talkin bout that halflife?
  15. Kronik Bagz

    Kronik Bagz Registered+

    i dont know anything bout halflife but ur not gaining thc ju lettin bud sit there, yea if it does get really dry an crispy there is a higher thc : plant racio. but buds do lose potency.
  16. king cola

    king cola Registered+

    weed is at its most potent the day it was picked off the plant.after that it gets less potent. weed tastes horible when it hasnt been cured but weed that has been allowed to dry over an 8week period, ive never met a grower who has lasted the whole 8weeks, they normally give up after 3-4weeks, anyways the longer bud is left the better taste it gets but potency increase is bollox.
  17. KillaBuzz

    KillaBuzz Registered+

    potency iz the plant-drug ratio. n i dint say that the bud all ov a sudden gainz thc, i said since there is less plant material then there wood ov been b4, itz gunna get ya higher wit less substance.
  18. KillaBuzz

    KillaBuzz Registered+

    n i dunno how the ppl like me who have had real old shit cood b wrong bout this considerin it happened 2 us. but ov course u can have yer oppinion thas coo.
  19. vaughn420watson

    vaughn420watson Registered


    If you leave your weed for long periods of time it will turn brown and will taste much better. Light can dematerialize the thc. I think it just breaks down I don't think it loses potency. Older weed that has been stored in a dry place will lose nasty or harsh flavour. so you can take bigger hits and smoke more and get all fucked up. The weed will also dry out so it will cut up into a fine powder so you end up smoking more weed that's not as harsh making it seem more potent. Seeds should also be stored in a dark dry place. I personally dry all my weed out just untill the outside of the nugs start to crisp. The inside of the nug will still have some moisture so when you cut it up it won't be as dry as it seemed in nug form.
  20. Kryptonite24

    Kryptonite24 Registered+

    i use those orange medicine containers
    are those airtight? cause it doesnt seem like it b/c when i put my nose to the bottle i can smell weed

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