can you go to jail for this?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by pUFFie, May 31, 2009.

  1. pUFFie

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    having one plant? or 2?
  2. DarthStoney

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    Depends on where you are really. It could be jail time, it could be a hefty fine, it could be life in prison. It's a crap-shoot.

    here in Maine, two plants gets you 6 months in the clink and a $1,000 fine.

    Elsewhere, look it up:

    State By State Laws - NORML
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  3. the image reaper

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    why would you even doubt it ? ... one plant, or a hundred plants, cultivation is a Federal felony ... don't ask us stoners, (wtf do we know ? :wtf:) ... ask an attorney ... if that is you, in your avatar, you look awfully young :smokin:
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  4. killerweed420

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    Yep here in Washington 1 plant is a felony. Depends on where you live and who show's up at the door. Most of the time a cop will just chop 1 or 2 plants, but that doesn't mean they all do.
  5. Italiano715

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    If that is you in the avatar I'd change that ASAP dummy :D LoL Sorry, but that would probably be the smart thing to do! Be safe!! :pimp:
  6. DarthStoney

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  7. JohnnyZ

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    I think that's a sweet pic dude. That bong looks like it was forged in the depths of hell. The picture makes my mouth water.. is that weird?
  8. EnhAnceD

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    Hahaha that is a sick bong.
    I would say dont worry about one plant. I mean, it will smell, but not enough where people outside your home will know. 1 plant will require not enough resourses to alarm any hydro company. Just keep it on the low, dont be telling people, its hard not to. Research grow boxes and adjust to what you find and what you can do. Unless again like your picture displays you are young and your parents would find out. I have 5 plants, not worried. They are starting to smell tho, smells like a cream bag when I walk in my room. Best of luck tho.
  9. weedmaster

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    just follow the golden rules and tell no one, trust no one. those with a big mouth useally get punished.
  10. jimmy8778

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    one plant can get you busted big...if the right person finds it. it can just get thrown out or just put down as evidence if your not being cooperative later. anyways one is the same as 99 in my state. and vice versa.
  11. higher4hockey

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    shit man you can go to jail for anything -

    PATRIOT ACT ...woot woot!!
  12. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    ya got that right :thumbsup: ... even before the Patriot Act, there were thousands of laws, and hundreds more go into effect every January 1st :wtf: ... no way, anyone can be 100% legal, regarding ANYTHING :wtf: ...

    News Flash: We're ALL outlaws ! :D
  13. Free 2 b me

    Free 2 b me Registered

    For sure, I'd keep it on the d/l and tell no one, not even the most trusted of friends it would seem from all the posts I've read regarding rippers and/or snitching ya off to LEO. However, it's completely (state law) legal to grow 6 immature plants and 6 plants in flower per patient. Obviously, it's never 100% safe, but it's "supposed" to be safe and legal (very grey area) for valid patients, but I still hear stories of ppl having their meds taken by LEO, only to have the courts force the return of the meds if they haven't been completely destroyed. Be careful, be well, and keep it green. :Rasta:

    Peace and One Love,

    P.S. I know this varies from state to state and county to county and can also vary from patient to patient as a Dr. can allow a patient more green per day if that's what the patient needs. Just my 2 cents. :hippy:
  14. d00d989

    d00d989 Registered+

    manufacturing marijuana is indeed a felony.

    a friend of mine recently was arrested with 12 plants in his closet, his sentence is 6 months of work release and 4 years of probation. Along with that, he has a 5 year suspended prison sentence, if his probation is violated.:(:(

    plz dont risk growing unless its totally safe
  15. sarah louise

    sarah louise Registered+

    Where on earth is it 'totally safe'?

    Back to the original question, one or two plants here is a Simple Cannabis Offence - $50 fine, no conviction recorded.

    We also have socialised medicine, universal social security and there's no pre-employment piss testing either.

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