Can you harvest and keep the plant intact?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by electriclove, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. electriclove

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    This is probably a basic question but I'm new to this.... Wondering if anyone has had any luck with harvesting bud/cutting back to lower nodes and still be able to re-flower the same plant? How many times could this be repeated? I do this with other garden plants, remove buds and the plant will re-flower better then ever within weeks. Does it work with green too?

    Thanks and happy toke'n ;)
  2. BobBong

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    sure you can! The only problem is you're cutting off parts that the plant really wants to keep. So it'll stress it.

    I myself have done "prolonged" flowering.. After my initial harvest i kept the smaller buds on the plant and enough fan leaves to keep it going.. it produced a few male flowers but so late into flowering it didn't matter.

    I often cut off the initial harvest and continue to flower the plant for a few weeks after.

    Give it a try.. i could suggest simply cutting it like a hedge..even and removing only what you need to remove.
  3. psycho

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    I cut back mine n put em back on 18-6 light t reveg em. So far they are looking good it will be a while though before I try flower em again.
  4. alienhybrid

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    I was just going to ask this.

    Then I found on another site that people do it all the time. They recommend you cut off the top or biggest buds only. And not more than two per plant at a time. More than two and you are risking major stressing of the plant.

    I was wondering how to mature the smaller buds, and chopping the top bigger ones seems to be an option.

    They also say that early harvesting will not be much less potent than fully mature or aging buds.
  5. electriclove

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    Thanks for the feedback

    I worried about removing the main cola buds but they do mature much faster. Might be worth a try. Thanks. ;)
  6. the image reaper

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    my friend harvested 95% of the buds on his NL99, and set the remaining butchered plant in the corner, no light, no water, and the damned thing is covering itself in trichomes, looking very healthy and productive ... :smokin:

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