Can you keep a plant after you cut the buds off?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Crunkdaddy69, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. Crunkdaddy69

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    So i have this plant that has been growing on my pourch from seed. I was wondering if once the budding process is done and i cut the buds off can i keep it gowin to rebud or is it done?
  2. pushit

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  3. Minnesnowta

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    Glad you asked, I am revegging a plant right now that I harvested earlier this winter. I have a thread going about it in Basic Growing as well, you should check it out and read up all you can. I've asked lots of questions and gotten some great answers, so there should be some good info for you there.

    For the basics you need to know... In order to reveg it you will need to leave some smaller bud sights and some leaves. Just leave an amount of growth that looks like your plant could survive with. You'll wanna chop the branches down and shrink the thing up quite a bit. With mine I left it a little larger than I think most people would, but I was learning at the time, so take advantage of the opportunity to learn from me so you do everything correctly instead of make similar mistakes. Currently my reveg is simply booming with growth and I'm real happy that I did it. Add me as a friend and ask me any questions you can think of. Also transplant it after harvest before you put it back into veg, and trim up the root ball a couple inches. Also go back to no nutes at that point for a little while until it rebounds. It takes a little while to really see good new growth, and the first stuff that grows will look strange and mutated, but don't worry, that is normal. However once it takes off.. she'll really grow strong.

    Also take advantage of this opportunity to cut and shape your plant in the most ideal way possible for your future grow, and know that each bud sight you leave with produce several new shoots.

    Anyways here is a link to my thread. You can post questions in there if you want, I check it frequently so that will be the easiest way to make sure I don't miss anything.
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    My bad pushit, I didn't realize you already linked him to my thread, lol. Thanks for doing that by the way! I'm pretty excited to see that there are a couple other people working on reveg projects right now as well so I can compare my results when I get to that point. woo hoo
  5. Crunkdaddy69

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    So when you say transplant and trim the root ball, I should shake the dirt from the root and actually trim some of the root itself? Damn im just glad this plant is really worth it
  6. GaGrown

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    No NO! Just trim... Shake no dirt from anywhere!
  7. Minnesnowta

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    I'm not sure if this is a good thing to do or not, and I would wait for someone else like.. GaGrown to confirm that this strategy isn't dangerous at all... but I will tell you what I did.

    When I was transplanting mine, I took a spray bottle with water and sprayed down the root ball a little bit. This cleaned off some of the roots on the outside and allowed me to trim a little bit better, also I kinda figured it allowed the outer roots to have better access to the new soil (which was the same soil type as the old soil, I think that is important). It worked well for me, but again, please check around with other more experienced people before you do this.

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