can you kill a plant with co2

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by hows.your.roof, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. hows.your.roof

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    just need to clarify a fact so my buddy isint misled

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  2. truthseeker

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    i talked to guy who says ppm's are very important to keep an eye on when useing co2 ofcoarse we all know its great and the girls florish but i herd that co2 could burn leaves if to close or if there was a too high ppm in the room they would not florish or could possibly die please throw me some imput
  3. hows.your.roof

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    any things possible . but i just cant imagine it hurting a plant . ive been known to talk to plants to give them a boost of co2 .really looking forword to see whats to come of things
  4. Chabnoc

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    I would say that if you are able to walk around in that room and not want to pass out, then your plants whould be fine in there also.
  5. Chabnoc

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    I know nothing about growing with CO2, but it only make sence. I mean, plants like CO2, we do not. So if you can handle it, they should easy.

    But that is not to say that with CO2 it make it easier to get nut burn. I think this is what is wrong. Or heat stress or something.

    Give more info.
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  6. KHAN

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    What happened to those plants? :eek:
  7. truthseeker

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    NO NO NO Trust me theres plenty of grow ops that have safe ppms for plants but i cant walk around in there exactly lol i'm talkin bout uncontrollable ppms
  8. swisha

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    ive known a few that "dosed" there plants with co2 a few times a day.

    in your sealed bloom room kill the vent system for 15mins and then "dose" that room with co2 for 15mins. after that 15mins your vents will turn back on and exhaust the room making it safe again. they did this a 3 times a day.

    might be an option to think about, couldn't imagine 15mins of co2 damaging your plants.
  9. spectrum balanced

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    does anyone know whether products like "SuperNatural ExcelloFizz" are worth a shit?

    here is what it claims..

    Benefits: Excellofizz as a CO2 producer: Excellofizz is safe to use around people and pets and will not raise the CO2 to dangerous levels. Excellofizz is economical for small to medium size greenhouses. Requires no expensive dispensing or monitoring equipment. Excellofizz will not add heat or moisture to your greenhouse. In fact it will remove some heat and moisture. Excellofizz contains pure natural environmentally friendly ingredients that can be safely disposed of. Excellofizz is simple to use, just add water to activate. Excellofizz releases a refreshing fragrance of eucalyptus which absorbs odors and may deter insects. Excellofizz is available as a single puck, 10 puck, or in a 50 puck container.
  10. oldsanclem

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    O god I feel the flow , the Flow slapped me

    I use a controler and keep them at a average of 1450 ppm with a setting of 1500 and a span of 50 .
    I have ran it up to 3000 ppm and they did not produce as well as 1450 ppm .
    Now one time I use a co2 gen at full on and they damn near died.
    When running co2 you need to jack up the auto vent up to 95 d.f.
    Not my system is automated with the standard controler well worth they money.
    NOW CO2 CAN AND DOES KILL 300 PEOPLE A YEAR. ITS A NO SMELLING HEAVER THAN AIR. Do not use with out a controler in a ceilar (sp) as it can fill up the room and displace Oxygen and n2.
    That fizzy stuff expensive , just walking in to a large room jacks up the co2 about 350 ppm .
    Note on earth the normal background co2 ppm is about 300 , now in a house with 2-4 people it can get to 400-500
    If you exchange the air in the room all the time with a lower flow rate keeping the flow going all the time. Note plants do not uptake co2 at night they make it.
    One thing that also helps with using air flow is the cooler temps at night hellp the plant go into a normal blooming sequence when the bloom lighting sequence.12/12
    Note if the fuzzy stuff worked people would be screeming about it. Also note there no way to control it. puck it go with the air flow :thumbsup:
  11. truthseeker

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    thank you that sounds like what i herd almost word for word lol hows.your.roof???
  12. spectrum balanced

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    is there some kind of CO2 spray that the plan could take in through foliage?
  13. hows.your.roof

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    44 days

    dropping nutes down to 500 only p and k . next change

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  14. twoguysupnorth

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    i havnt done any hydro or co2 for that matter, just a little studying, but 1500 is supposed to be the max, most benificial to your plants. it looks like your meter is just above 1000ppm. unless that is your nutrient meter. im sure you know this already though if you have a co2 system.
  15. oldsanclem

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    normal background outside air ,with a good flow is about 300 ppm.
    That is one way to check you meter out, do not do it inside as theres a build up of co2 from humans and other critters.
  16. truthseeker

    truthseeker Registered+

    damn that looks purple
  17. extinctx11

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    That meter that he has is a TDS meter not a CO2 meter. 1000PPM total dissolved solids it looks like.

    Not 1000PPM CO2. He doesnt show how much CO2 is in the room.
  18. stinkyattic

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    Hey kiddo, let me help straighten out your many problems.
    1 Walls- paint them flat white or cover with mylar.
    2 Heat- I see signs of heat stress, helping #3 breed even faster, and you're gonna end up with herms in that stressful condition
    3 MITES- look under those speckly leaves. I'll bet you find eggs and even webbing.
    4 Root rot? Roots are too brown. There is something wrong there.

    CO2 is USELESS when your other conditions suck. Don't even consider it until you have fixed the rest of your problems. Those tablets are a ripoff btw... when you are ready for CO2, it's worth doing properly.
  19. hows.your.roof

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    now thats what im talking about . worst problem was growing two strains at once in same bucket . nutes ect,,, . mites not a problem . my first go at hydro end yeild was not what i expected but ,about 0.4 per watt
  20. hows.your.roof

    hows.your.roof Registered+

    could roots be stained.using g.h. flora nova. canopy temp was never over 82.

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