can you let a plant bud too long?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by needinsomehelp, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. needinsomehelp

    needinsomehelp Registered

    and if you do what happens? i let this one grow 16wk last 2 wks yellow lookn shooots out of bud. i'll try to get pic soon
  2. kindprincess

    kindprincess Registered+

    yellow lookin shoots... those are bannanas, or male flowers... your plant has gone hermie on you
  3. needinsomehelp

    needinsomehelp Registered

    that would explain why there are no cryls on bud sites.its a white rhino strain if this has seeds are they worht grownin or not? tks foer hte help
  4. kindprincess

    kindprincess Registered+

    what type of lighting are you using? what are your temps like? are you sure it's rhino?

    you should have been set at 8-9 weeks of flower, howcome you went so long?

    i'm trying to ascertain why there are no trichs...

    and if your plant just went hermie, you shouldn't have seeds, unless it was pollenated 4-6 weeks ago or longer, which means you should see the seeds if there are any.
  5. TroutBuds

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    I've noticed over the years that all my girls will grow male flowers if they go too long. It's natures way of making sure the species lives on. Whether you've got resin dripping buds or not, it's time to cut them down.
  6. needinsomehelp

    needinsomehelp Registered

    pic of before. the reason i went so long was i flipped all my babys same day after 10 wk they were B U T FULL. but the one i was hoping for never happened. it looks the same after all that time

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