Discussion in 'Recipes' started by warmflash, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. warmflash

    warmflash Registered

    Does anyone know if you can make effective brownies with shake? And if so, how much shake do you use to create an 8 x 8 tray of tasty magic brownies.

  2. arcticspyder

    arcticspyder Registered+

    You can make the brownies, however, you need to break the MJ down in butter before you put it in the brownies. Simply find a brownie recipe that calls for butter and replace with magic butter.
  3. puffpuffand away

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    sorry, but u donot have 2 make butter ...heat activate i just add the leaf, and i get fantastic browniesyes leaf or shake r good..u just have 2 use a bit more than if u use bud,,,may b an oz of shake or just leaf, 2 a box of brownie mix...good luck...let me no how they trun out... >>>1 box of mix, an oz of weed only use 1 egg, a half cup of(soft) sweet creamery butter...make sure u mix the weed and the brownie mix realy good b 4 u add the rest of the stuff...this way ur browbie,s will all b the same potencey
  4. puffpuffand away

    puffpuffand away Registered+

    heat activates it only make sence ,that if u heat the weed making ur butter, ur useing up some of the potencty...just add wat ever kind of weed u want in2 ur mix, and then bake um...u will defenetly get a better hi
  5. cygnustaxt

    cygnustaxt Registered+

    yeah thats dumb, then you're going to have weed all in your brownies and thats kind of gross. You can make weed butter or weed oil. I've done oil a few times and it works just fine.
  6. Kush Over

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    Actually, my cousin's old lady made banana bread with a half ounce of shwag; cut up, seeds and stems removed, then added to the mix. We got pretty fucked up.
  7. cygnustaxt

    cygnustaxt Registered+

    i dont like using any kind of bud or nug in baking. I usually just get a half to bake and keep the bud to smoke haha.

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